My Rambling “Fingers”

Being a netizen, a social networking site (SNS) is something that has already been infused into my veins. So what would happen if all of a sudden, such has been officially included in the office’s list of blocked sites?

In the search for something I could play with online, I stumbled upon WorPpress and–voila–here I am making my first entry just to kill the time.

I wish the privilege to navigate those sites was not abused.

Well, the first reaction from someone like the one chewing this brouhaha would be, disappointment. Who wouldn’t? There’s an irresistible entertainment out of indulging to this beautiful “creation” abbreviated as SNS. But then, a minute after learning the news and sympathizing with the clamor spreading like an Ebola virus that time, the spirit of optimism possessed me; thus, enabled me to see the positive side. My colleagues were incognizant of the things I was realizing the moment I paused.

The next day in the office was so different. The tasks I needed to attend to that morning were accomplished without a drip of sweat on my back. The spirit of procrastination that has devoured the employees (me, of course, included) for so many years was now imprisoned inside a bottle with a special spell designed to last for eternity. For the first time, I thought that the I.T. and the H.R. Department did the greatest decision ever made in the office out of that. The new Chief should commend said departments I must say.

…This is already the 6th week of the productive days that will sure plague the office for the years to come.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. john tugano says:

    Wow. So this was your first post? Your blog is doing great now and its good to look back and reminisce about your humble beginnings. Now, you’re one great blogger and you can’t deny that fact. This post was published the day before my birthday hahaha… Where am I on that particular time? I should have known WordPress a little earlier…


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      I can’t believe I missed seeing this comment of yours, John. Nevertheless, I am happy you took time to visit my very first post. It means a lot to me. Thanks!

      Your birthday is nearing. I wonder what’s in store for us on that day. I hope to read something about it.


  2. Your very first post Sony! This is now a beautiful distant memory that will always be here to share with your family and friends. Time moves so fast. And just to think that you began your blogging experience to kill time! Yet, time moves on at warp speed. Can you believe it’s already 2012? Anyway, I’m glad that you discovered WordPress. You inspire me. 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Thank you so much, Donna! You definitely inspire me too. Actually, you inspire me more. I am so blessed for coming across your blog. I have learned, and still learning, from your purposeful words.


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