Looking Beyond

Overwrought! Cold sweats were crawling onto my face. I wanted to howl for a succor at that moment but no one will sure give a hoot. My heart was throbbing as I looked at my hairs all jumping. “BREATHE EASY, YOU CAN DO IT!” I buzzed to myself as I was standing in front of other fledglings. My presentation will roll any moment yet, despite countless efforts, I can’t still launch the rocket of composure. I still crack everytime I am about to produce words in front of people. Suddenly, the screech of the door came to my senses and there He was quickly walking towards his cathedra.

“Good evening class! Who will report tonight?” Those were the lines that came thundering across the four corners of that room. A few words that bridles in a big puissant vociferation. I turned and took a gander at him as a sign of acknowledgment. He paused for a while and fixed something inside his satchel then he followed it a question: “Sonyboy, are you ready?” I hesitated then reflected on the preparations I’ve made – the “almost” unending prowling on the internet, reading, reviewing, delving into the library, and inquiries from experts. Recalling those created a turbocharged car so I answered, “Yes Sir”. “Ok, we will find out.” his vouching response was as a way of giving the foot indirectly.

The next thing I knew was the butterflies in my stomach were excreted as I was discussing the text. I proceeded accordingly after an hour and I can’t believe that the dragon did not throw fire by the mouth. I always thought that it’s natural for him to do that. Thence came all my extra efforts because I despise being scolded and I never wanted to give a wrong answer and be humiliated from it. That’s the way he does it believe it or not. I remember the sad fate of the first reporter. If I were to evaluate her performance during the Q&A portion, she did well. But I can’t figure out (that time at least) why it was made hard by this professor who seem to have perfected the art of exaggeration. This classmate of ours never showed up after that night. Three more fledglings ran away in the middle of the semester.

In the end, the perplexity from this feared professor turned out to be just a condign punishment. He taught me one of life’s most important lessons: Education is about building a student’s character. When your teacher tells you to look at the wall, don’t busy yourself looking at the obvious so Mr. Pessimism will not consume you. Sometimes, you need to consider breaking the wall to discover what’s behind it. I did, and I saw not the art of exaggeration but the art of shaping one’s character. Because of his methods, I was driven to prepare thoroughly for each battle in his class. He turned me into a squatter of mediocrity once but when I looked beyond, I realized that I’ve mutated into a resident of excellence.

Thank you very much, sir!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. macrina says:

    do i know this professor SF? i guess you etched in your mind what i shared with you. keep it up man. my challenge with you right now: use very simple terms and make it sound profound 🙂

    so far, you’ve achieved using prolific words that are sometimes misleading to readers. hope you take on my challenge 😀


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      I will take on your challenge, Mac. Thanks for giving me that : -)


  2. Scopipod says:

    Beautifully written, and I must say the eloquence can most certainly be felt in the vocabulary. Plus, it is a great example of finding deeper meaning behind a seemingly mundane occurrence. Great job.


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      That’s a mouthful, Scopipod. Thank you very much for that!


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