Outreach To Mount Timbak

The Background

Mount Singakalsa (a.ka. Mt. Timbak) is the third highest mountain of Luzon Island. It is one of the revered peaks of the Cordillera Mountains and it is located at Atok, Benguet. According to my research pertaining to its elevation, Mt. Timbak is 2,717 (+) meters above sea level.

The Misadventure 

The supposed night trek turned out to be the opposite because of God’s Act. That night (15 May 2010), it rained like a celestial bucket was pouring H2O on the place the time we’re about to step on the toenails of this mountain. We ended up renting a room to get past the crying night in the colorful Baguio City.

The Mission

This climb was actually an outreach by a friend Ms. Rhovee Dadis. I must say I am blessed for taking part in its realization. My deepest gratitude to Rhovee for the invitation.

On May 16 May 2010, together with Rhovee Dadis, Paul, and Red, we successfully put the outreach into fruition.

Life Lessons Learned

Witnessing how difficult it is for the people, especially the children going to school, to get the supplies they need up the place. This prompted me to say a little prayer of gratitude to the Aura up in the sky. There’s no better way to repay the Aura’s Goodness than to give something out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Seeing the smiles of the kids of Timbak while receiving their stuff is larger than life experience.

Mt. Singakalsa gave my camera truly breathtaking pictures and new perspective about life: I am more blessed than I ever thought.

-Mt. Singakalsa was my fourth subdued giant.

For more information (special concerns, how to get to the place, trivia, climbing notes, etc.), click this website: pinoymountaineer.com.

PS: K-C813

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Modern Cowgirl says:

    Great pictures and post!


  2. Sony Fugaban says:

    Thanks, MC, but I must write here that your posts are way greater. I’m glad I found and confirmed that the blog I just visited is yours. And I hope you don’t mind a fledgling blogger frequenting your site every now and then.


  3. gelaikuting says:

    Astig! gusto ko rito! Thanks for sharing.. Hope to climb this mountain…


  4. freeclimbers says:

    I’m hoping to do some outreach program someday…


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      That is something to look forward to.


  5. rommel says:

    The portraits of the children are way, far too better than any of my landmarks that I’ve taken. Thanks Sony for the great life lesson.


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