Four Treasures At The Back (Rainforest Park, Pasig City) of Our School

Long before I was given a TL at one of the branches of our school in Pasig City, I have listed Saunter to Rainforest Park on my Bucket List. Since the park is somewhere in the area, I asked my colleague one time before my big day there if she knows where it is in Pasig and her reply was, “All I know is it’s near the school.” So I dropped the possibility of further inquiries given the answer I got. It ended just like that–without efforts of seizing it just yet.

The schedule given to me then was like jail broke loose that since the day I started doing my thing until the last day of the semester, the thought of visiting the park never kicked my forehead. The routine was “draining” enough to think of it. I remember how I spent the whole semester rushing from going to school and leaving as well as the straining training I was conducting considering the work involved in reviewing the seniors for Civil Service Stenographer Exam. (I think I created alliterations there.) Don’t get me wrong, I embrace the figurative toxicity that comes along with teaching because it is my passion.

All right, enough of that story. I just want to share one of the most enthralling things in my stay there: finding four treasures at the Rainforest Park. It happened during my last session with the seniors on 24 July 2010. The photo ops that day sewed up earlier then reckoned that the thought of asking the students where the Rainforest Park is, fortunately, hit my head. It was there that I learned how actually near the place is to our school. Glance at the title once again to know what I mean. My “toy” was still hungry for more photographs so I zoomed off right away to the park upon knowing.

Sometimes, people tend to just define the word treasure using the dictionary’s. Little did they know that it can also be defined using pictures like the photos below–mined by the blogger from Rainforest Park in Pasig City.

For more information (how to get to the place, activities, etc.) about the Rainforest Park in Pasig City, click this site:

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