The Lost Battle

He went to that mystic river, picked up a rock, grasped it while sibilating his disgruntlement, and then threw it as far as he can. After that he whispered to himself, “There’s more to life than clinging to it.”

Have you ever been in a situation where the only hope you have for an earnest attempt at something is a miracle? That’s what happened to our warrior of the cellulose pulp on that attempt he was talking about – the battle on the cellulose pulp. He knew he can’t trample the beast yet he took his chance.

Apparently, the Class A Beast emerged victorious over the warrior of the cellulose pulp.

Let’s face it, losing an earnest attempt at something doesn’t feel good at all … initially. It’s human nature to feel the pangs of regret. He has to feel the indispensable pain of that first defeat for it is the first stage of coping with it. The last stage was interpreted at the first paragraph.

“There is no detachment where there is no pain. And there is no pain endured without hatred or lying unless detachment is present too”  Simone Weil.

He made this blog post as a reminder of his final detachment from that lamentation.

– A Sequel to the Warrior of the Cellulose Pulp.


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