Manila Zoo, I Can Talk To Animals

Wishing WellThe date was 23 May 2009 when I bugged out the house for our company excursion because I went up way late than expected. Sadly, despite acting like the Juggernaut to chase my officemates for the outing, I dropped in the meeting place alone and all I saw was an empty parking lot – an indication that the three rented buses already fled. YES, that late. Well, you might think I should have texted my officemates so they could refrain the driver (of the assigned bus for our division) from departing, but that was the problem with me. Actually, it still is. I didn’t because I don’t want to sound like I’m a celebrity if you know what I mean. Another thing is, I thought since Filipinos are known for being not on time, which is true though generally, then I could still make it even though I was late by 35 minutes.

After a few minutes of riding to my disappointment, I thought of going somewhere in the metropolis where I could, at least, spend sometime. Or, truthfully, this is the only way I could pacify my disappointed wandering feet. On the spur of the moment, Manila Zoo came to mind.

That was the story of how The Wandering Feet (& Mind) set foot on Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden (Manila Zoo).

“The (Manila Zoo) has a land area of 5.5 hectares and a home for 832 animals and 100 species as of year 2007. It serves as one of the educational centers in the country where the viewing public can observe, discover and learn interesting facts about the beauty of Philippine fauna and flora” wikipedia.

Manila Zoo opened its doors to the public way back the 50’s, according to what I read — 25 July 1959 to be exact. And I am proud to say that it’s one of the oldest zoos in Asia.

Here are the pictures from my somewhat spontaneous trip to Manila Zoo:

A Peacock and A Peahen
Stress Reliever Flowers Accdg. To ME
The Hanging Bridge (that doesn’t look hanging in this picture)

This wildlife park has a kinder zoo, where I had taken more photos, inside it. Anyone can roam around and interact with the animals in it. Children can play with tamed animals and learn about them and their environment.

My Bestfriend

“KOI” Pond

It really feels good to be with animals and plants. Thank you guys for making my day colorful and fun, for keeping me company!

For more information (how to get to the place, activities, etc.), please click this link: My Zoo Volunteer Group.

Photo Source (PS): iPhone 2G

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