The Struggling Servant of Mother Nature

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I read this book, “The Way to Happiness” by L. Ron Hubbard, over the weekend and a revelation was brought on to my knees. The way to happiness is so simple: to be on good terms with the universe. What I found most interesting about the book though is its emphasis on safeguarding the environment–the advocacy I am dreaming to fulfill. With that, the “mountains” commanded me to share how I responded to that call of helping the planet act againts Global Warming.

Here’s the narration of my microscopic acts as responses to the call:

I once read a post (from a certain association of mountaineers) on our school bulletin way back 2001 which talked up reducing the use of plastic and global warming. Unfortunately, I can only remember two of the several suggestions:



The former is the reason why I never wanted ice for my drink whenever I eat in a fast food restaurant. I admit that pushing on to this did not happen overnight for reasons. One of those is, I was just a fledgling to the urban practices that I didn’t have the guts to request that ice be removed from my drink or demand for the steel spoon and fork  during my first few weeks in the metropolis. On the flip side, I must also admit that I was once a fan of disposable spoon and fork for health reasons; nonetheless, I immediately refrained as soon as I discovered a way to cope with it.

Another turning point was I went shopping one day. I sat down when my aching feet called for a break and I noticed that because the store was on sale, I had a bunch of plastic bags with me. Ennui started to steal the ball and went on dribbling it so I thought of giving myself a little entertainment as a form of distraction to that. What I did was to count the plastic bags people were carrying as they passed by in front of me for about thirty minutes. Considering that it was a “sale” day, I would assume that you already captured the image of what I’m trying to put across. Somehow, I felt like Mother Nature injected to my brain the realization that there’s something wrong with this; I was so guilty. My memory was suddenly refreshed of that slideshow I once saw on the internet about how plastic usage contributes to Global Warming.

The next time I shopped, I brought with me a backpack to accommodate the stuff .

I am glad that those stories are just some pages of the old, obsolete book now. I’m not going to stop discovering new ways to avoid the use of something with polyethylene. Just before deciding to put these thoughts in here, I went to one of these fast food restaurants that I like and I’m happy to announce that I did uncover another way:

To bring a paper bag for the food to take out. Or if you want to go deeper with that you can just simply hold it if ever and just in case they give you disposable spoon and fork, return it. Spoon and fork are in the kitchen anyway. Don’t forget to bring your paper bags for those “styros” to enlighten them that it’s time for us to take the lead in these small yet revolutionary practices the next time around.

Those are just little things…Little things that have a direct effect to the goal. Little things that if more people are informed will yield a better result for this little campaign on reducing and against the use of plastic and global warming.

We are all aware that Mother Nature has been crying for help. Did it ever cross your mind to respond to her?

Look around. Let the city streets open your eyes wider to view better today’s environment and to clean our ears to hear clearer the drips of Mother Nature’s cry.

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  1. drew says:

    I think this post is envrironmentally informative. Good work!


  2. freeclimbers says:

    #1 already done that! 😀
    i will be working out #2. hope i get it right

    a very good post of yours indeed. How about making old things new? I’ve been trying to do this for some time but currently unsuccessful


  3. freeclimbers says:

    hey Sony! BTW thanks for this article. It’s because of this why I finally started to do simple things for nature’s sake.


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