Meeting A Kindred Spirit At Mount Pico de Loro And The Quest For The Beautiful Rockies


Centuries ago, the Spaniards aboard their galleons to Manila Bay noticed the form of a giant parrot, perched in the forested mountains in Cavite. They named it “Pico de Loro” – “Parrot’s Peak”. Today, mountaineers who visit Pico de Loro discover that it is as enchanting as its name. High on Cavite’s highest point, they could behold the rocky tower that the Spanish sailors once saw as the parrot’s beak, and they could gaze towards South China Sea where the galleons once sailed, all the way to the historic island fort of Corregidor. Gusts of sea breeze reach the peak, refreshing hikers after a four-hour climb. The peak’s rocky outcropping is dramatic, and sharply contrasts with the plains of Cavite and the waters of South China Sea. Mount Pico de Loro stands 664 meters above sea level” (


Funny how a stupid mistake can steal good notes whenever I reminisce our climb to Mount Pico de Loro. This is the second edition of my climb preparation gone bad stories since “The Coffee Adventure at Mount Manabu”.

Before I went to bed on the night of November 28, 2010, I thought I already packed all the gears and other stuff I needed for our day hike to Pico de Loro: digicam, protein-rich trail food (biko), toiletries, towels, extra clothes, headlamp (in case we can’t make it to the mountain’s foot by sunset), water, and jungle knife. Until, I took my first shot at the saddle. What I saw after was a warning that says, “insufficient memory”.

There goes my top note on this climb. If battery was the villain during my climb to Mount Manabu, Memory Card is for this one. With that, I only had a piece of Mount Pico de Loro. I was still lucky because that only photo perfectly showed what Pico de Loro literally means: Parrot’s Peak. Everything happens for a reason. At that moment, I equated that single photo as the reason. It’s the experience anyway that counts not the number of pictures you can capture. Somehow, it became the antidote for my disappointment considering that I captured the famous parrot’s peak with just one shot.

The Only Photo I Took From This Climb

The second is, I was able to prove again that I can talk to animals just like when I persuaded the birds at Manila Zoo to give decent poses with me.

The cause of the boo boo story may have stolen the top spot nonetheless my close encounter with my kindred spirit, a damsel, is equally noteworthy. The story began when one of my hiking buddies (HBs) Master Paul tried hard to capture that creature on a particular view but to no avail. I helped him by communing with the damsels that may one of them grant our request to have a photograph with even just one of them. So I positioned my index finger near their crowd as I was pronouncing my mantra which is to have one of the damsels pose with me. Thanks to the gift because a minute after, a damsel landed perfectly on my index finger just as I wished! She liked the idea too I must say. There goes the lame reason for using the word “kindred spirit”.

Third is the wind at the peak was very strong that it can literally blow one away like a paper should you be reckless at keeping your balance. That’s how we felt each time the mighty wind gives a major, major blow. I believe that strong winds give a stronger dose because I felt mightier after filling up my lungs with that element.

Fourth is I met two new faces namely Carl and Marco who are both novices to hiking. What’s interesting about them is their undying humor that undoubtedly propelled our tired bodies each time they inject it to our “take five”.

Fifth is I came across the word, clambering, while looking for 4-wheel drive’s (a mountaineer’s term) synonym.

Clambering the Legendary Rockies of Mount Pico de Loro

Sixth is I was almost convinced to adopt a baby snake when one of the locals offered it to me. I would have wanted to but the “position” I’m currently at wouldn’t be conducive for the cute animal.

Seventh is the “hungry” waterfall we found somewhere in the piedmont of the giant.

Last is this climb gave me one of my most favorite back pose courtesy of Ma’am Ron Hubsch. Thank you!

Supplementary Pictures:

On Top of the Rockies

Lunch At the Summit

On Our Way Up

For more information (how to get to the place, climbing notes, trivia, more stories, etc.), click this website:

Mount Pico de Loro is my eighth conquered mountain.

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. john tugano says:

    you have had a great jaunt/experience climbing mt.Pico de loro,I surmised.
    The scenes you captured are one of a kind and from it a very good story can be told.
    I was once invited by our coolcom,a group in which employees of our company organize such mountain climbing and one of their stop is Pico de loro but unfortunately there was a conflict of schedule thats why I didnt make it.Next year maybe I should have myself available..
    nice blog..


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Yes the scenes I captured should have been excellent sources of a good story but my style in blogging about my climbs is just to write notes instead of stories. Although, sometimes the process inevitably open doors to, one way or another, create a bit of a story. Still, I prefer to make notes instead of stories because it’s easier to do the former, obviously 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by too, John! Let’s push on sharing our thoughts through wordpress’.


  2. Wow, the pictures are breathtaking! This is such a beautiful place. It’s my first time to hear about Mt.Pico de Loro. Thanks to your blog! 🙂 I really admire you for climbing this remarkable mountain. I’m not good in hiking so I don’t think I would be able to reach the top. Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful view from the top by writing about your trip. Keep on exploring! 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      You too, Ma’am! Let’s keep on exploring till our feet says “STOP”!



  3. Great shot of the falls, never been to that area, (Pico is one of my favorite, though blurred film pictures pa mga souvenirs ko, ‘hope to revisit her).

    I’ve experienced one recently, on our way to Crossing for Tagapo, left my memory card (what an irony to ‘memory’), it’s a good thing there were cellular phone stores @ Crossing.

    Nice article Sonny!


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      The falls is actually more beautiful during the rainy season considering the abundance of water it gives to the place. As far as I can remember, there wasn’t much rain by the month of October or specifically during the time we climbed Pico. I’m glad you liked it though.

      Sorry to hear about your memory card, Jon. I hope you’d be more watchful next time so you could have a take home through the “photos”.


  4. freeclimbers says:

    lol, a good excuse for having a single photo of Pico..hope i could go there soon too


  5. Myron says:

    Sir Sony,
    aksidente akong napadaan sa blog mo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Akyat ka na din ng bundok, Myron.

      It will change the way you see life, I promise.


  6. Chia says:

    Aww.. Nakakainggit. Me and my girl friends scheduled to climb this mountain (this was supposed to be the 2nd mountain I would climb) last year but we were defeated by our mismatched schedules. This year I will make sure to climb this mountain by hook or by crook. Seriously.

    Anyways, because you are blogging running out of battery and camera memory is the worst. Good thing power bank is available now. For the memory card, would you like to bring an external drive? hahaha Just kidding. Your ability to talk to animals is cool btw. 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      You’re right. That would be no problem now with powerbank and cheaper memory cards.

      That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I always bring my powerbank and extra card–just in case.

      Don’t forget to share the story of your climb soon.

      Keep safe, Chia!

      Liked by 1 person

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