Mount Arayat Traverse

Background “Mount Arayat is a potentially active stratovolcano on Luzon Island, Philippines, rising to a height of 1,026 metres (3,366 ft) There is no recorded eruption of the volcano, and its last activity probably dates to the Holocene era. The volcano is located in a flat agricultural region at 15°12′N 120°45′E/15.2°N 120.75°E / 15.2; 120.75….

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Manila Ocean Park, which is located behind the Quirino Granstand in Luneta, Manila, was officially opened last 01 March 2008. Since then, visiting the underwater creatures at the oceanarium has been visible on my bucket list. However, it was only by 16 December 2010 that these maundering feet landed there. A big thanks to our big…

Trekking the Enervating Trail of Mount “Gulugod Baboy”

“In English, Gulugod Baboy directly translates to pig spine. So called perhaps because of its contour? It has a spectacular 360 degree view of Anilao, Batangas Pier, Maricaban Island, Mt. Maculot, even Mindoro, Mt. Lobo and Mt. Manabo” “Gulugod-Baboy is the general term that describes the hills that traverse Calumpan Peninsula. Located in Southern…

Room 303: My First Sharpening Room

It was 19 July 2009 when I finally met my first love, first class at the Sharpening Room. The thought of sitting on what I consider a cathedra in the academe excited me but when I was nearing the door of Room 303 that very day, I became overwrought. I was bombarded with butterflies in…

I Believe in Aliens and UFOs

I read the latest post of one of my new favorite bloggers this morning about his most unforgettable summer story (about a man’s ceremony for getting “purified“) as a way of saying good bye to summer. I was inspired to do the same so I decided to share mine, which is a totally different story….