The Card

Time really flies faster than expected; I didn’t notice that it’s been nearly three years since I saw that innocent, cutest face the night he came out from her portal. The sound of his first cry bounced to my ears again as everyone in that room was looking at him with a smile–the most significant day of life.

Giving much thought on the trajectory of my life has never been my thing until the faces of my wife and son appeared that very night to become my guiding stars. The first time I rocked my little boy in my arms was a turning point in my life. I have felt how much I’m needed and, for the first time, I learned how to bond and love the deepest way. I have also learned what a complete responsibility for another human being means the day I became a parent. Life became more beautiful with these guiding stars, who gave the clearest direction of where I’m headed, by my side.

On the 19th day of June 2011, I was given a special and surprise celebration for Father’s Day by my better half. Special because I found her efforts to be unwonted. After cleaning my eyes swamped with rheum upon waking up on that beautiful day, she handed me a card. Before I bothered to decode the message written in shorthand, my attention was caught by what she said as she was handing the card: “Because you give me premature ventricular contractions. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.” I was totally surprised…I’ve gotten really busy that I didn’t actually know it was already the big day for fathers. All I know is that Father’s Day is commemorated in the month of June. I was that glued to the many preparations in the academe because I accepted part-time jobs from two different universities this semester. After the realization, my attention was caught by the colorful veggies festooned on the table of the kitchen inferring a toothsome meal undergoing preparation. Then I immediately got back on what she just said. I told her, “How come you know that line? You were already sleepy when we reached that part last night.” The line, by the way, is from the movie, “No Strings Attached”, we viewed on the eve of the event. With that, I learned how she memorized the catchy line. She also stressed that she was just sleepy, not asleep. The reason why it got me from another standpoint is I thought “premature ventricular contractions” mean something lewd. That explains my guffawing reaction upon hearing it. Then I checked on the piece of work I was holding. I needed to decipher the shorthand writing on it to reveal the message and the transcription gave this: “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Love you so much.” The message is brief, concise, gratifying, and heartwarming.

So far, that card is the most beautiful form of art I have ever received. The sweat and creativity, inspired by love, poured into it undoubtedly appealed to my bare bones, visual systems, intelligence and, most of all, my heart– the top reason. Next is, the card was created from recyclables (a cake box and a newspaper) which increased the value of my appreciation when she told me that said card is also a symbol of her support to my efforts on saving the environment. Completing the list is the unseen and unwritten package that came with the card. Let me explain. The card entitled me to a free ****** massage, manicure, pedicure, and a bowl of chopsuey (a specialty)–all from her able hands.

Father’s Day has never been so memorable up to a time I received and perceived what I considered art in its purest form: The Card. Thank you to my wife who indeed makes my heart skip a beat!

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16 thoughts on “The Card

  1. Hi Sony! Belated Happy Fathers’ Day. Very nice card. In my younger years I tried learning Gregg’s shorthand but never did well with it. I agree that your wife got you a very unique greeting. It makes it even more special!


    • Yeah, to the point of considering the card as art in its purest form – which is, of course, an exaggeration. Thanks for the greeting. Better late than never as they say. 🙂


  2. How sweet of your wife Sony,My grandfather is an expert of that shorthand writing but I’ll never be interested on it coz its so hard to understand hehe..
    Good shot on your trivia..nice knowing it..=)


    • Glad to hear that, John. Male stenographers are a rarity eversince so hearing that was like receiving a tap on my back. I am not alone, yey! The thing is, I actually hated the subject back in college because I thought stenography are for females only. If choice was available, I would have shifted course. A long story … But I owe my stenographer’s certificate big time for giving me a place in the Office of the Solicitor General.


  3. hahaha. i loved the trivia 🙂

    really, i was warmed by the lines and between the lines of genuine love. you are very blessed pal. continue to be a blessing to others and to our poor planet as well. there’s just but a few who cares you know.

    thank you for sharing. i remember Rizal, his birthday was June 19. and most people don’t know that he was a father too for a brief moment.

    be safe and God bless you.

    p.s. have I greeted you happy fathers’ day yet? pardon if i have not. better late than never they say. HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY ^___^


    • I’m surprised, pal! I thought you’ll do it on FB … But I must say that seeing your comment here is something I should more thank for, so MERCI BEAUCOUP! That’s for the for the greeting too.

      About Rizal’s, you’ve just given me a trivia too. This is what I love about sharing and discussion: LEARNING is, for sure, optimized.


      I would be really delighted to see your blog posts here on WP, pal. Don’t hesitate to give me a foot on grammar stuff. I need those kicks. 🙂


  4. “Giving much thought on the trajectory of my life has never been my thing until the faces of my wife and son appeared that very night to become my guiding stars. The first time I rocked my little boy in my arms was a turning point in my life. ” You have a way with words, Bro. It comes from the heart and that makes a big difference. My wife and son gives me the reason to go on, to make sense of my life. Just like you, my happiest moment was when my son came out of this work. I was actually working in the E.D. then, and my co-worker told me, “hey, your wife is here.” I was kind of surprised because when I left the house she seems fine. I turned out she’s already in labor. Anyway I ended up not having to sleep for almost 24 hours but I didn’t notice the time. I was too happy and excited. Everyday, I thank God for them. Now that my son is in Kindergarten, we do more of the father and son activities and I enjoy every moment of it. You have a great family. Savor each minute. As you said we are nothing without them . God bless you and your family.


    • Like you, we are also making the most that we can just to make every moment of being parents enjoyable for our son. Also, I didn’t sleep the whole night of the very first time I had him in my arms. I was the one who took care of him the day we brought him home from the hospital. I was that excited and I still am trying to sustain that excitement every now and then. They are my most valuable treasures …

      Your words are undeniably comforting, bro. Salamat! God bless you and your family too.


    • I don’t know why but when I share with you guys, it felt more like I’m talking to a buddy” ka-barkada” that I used to know. The words comes easy. And yes, I can be a mouthful… Even in real life. I can talk to my patients the whole shift and I don’t get tired of it. Sometimes it’s a stress cushion. Stay cool. God bless to your family.


  5. What a wonderful memory…I’m so happy I chose to click on “inspiration” …
    Thanks for sharing, May every day be special for you and your family.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA


  6. Nice post! I started to miss my steno class!
    I’m so glad to have found your blog, coz most of my blogger friends before were mommies. I’m glad to find daddy bloggers too.
    You write well! Keep writing!


    • Glad to hear you had a steno class. I’m not alone after all. I actually didn’t like my course until I passed the stenographer exam which paved the way for me to enter the Office of the Solicitor General. The rest is history.

      Thank you for the compliment! I will, of course, keep writing as long as my fingers can hit the keys. Keep writing too, bro. You do way better that what I can here.


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