Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Three weeks ago, I wrote a post about keeping my toy cars because they were already in danger from my son’s hands. I actually thought of reposting that particular photo which I know I can use for this week’s photo challenge but after checking on the post again, I was more than happy to know that I failed to include it for that post. Hence, I decided to use that picture as my entry for this week’s photo challenge: BROKEN.

When I saw what happened to my cars especially the one on the photo, my heart was really broken. That car was the reason why I came up with a beautiful title for that post, Keeping the Little Boy in My Heart“, which I took from the note of our Division Head attached to the box of her Christmas present (the car on the photo) to me last year. Being understood by someone like our boss means a lot to me.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. Oh Sony that was perfect for the challenge but the thought that it was already broken perhaps hurt you and so the kid in you..I know how you treasure your toy collection and looking at this photo it made me feel a little bit sad for you..Anyway for the benefit of your Son I know you’re there very much willing to understand.Have you bought him a toy car as you have promised? hehehe..


  2. I feel your pain. Those cars have sentimental value to you. I don’t have ant car collection, I broke all of them when I was a kid. My son is crazy about cars too. He was countless match boxes , and it seems it’s never enough. He’s better now in term of taking care of his cars/toys. I hope he will take care of them as much as he takes care of his Legos. It’s truly nice to read another dad’s post/ perspective. Anything about family I totally dig! Best wishes to you and your family. thanks for the visit.


    • I deeply appreciate another tap on my back from you. I wish my son is older than he is now so I don’t have to hide those cars from him. Thanks anyway for sharing your thoughts! Your son must have tons of cars as you could afford it.

      I am wishing the same for your family and you are welcome.


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  4. Nice post for broken. Perhaps as a compromise you can get something similar for your son but everyone in the family should respect what you are keeping as part of your collection. I am sure since your son was the one that broke the toy, your heard understood and mended soon enough because maybe something better will come along to join your collection.


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