Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

When I read the notification in my inbox for this week’s photo challenge, I was so happy to know about the subject. Being a mountain climber for two years, I thought it would be easy for me to pick among the multitude of photos I have gathered since I started visiting the mountains. Until, I was drafting this post. I realized it doesn’t go that way. I mean the supposed easy thing I was talking about earlier wasn’t, at all, easy. The selection is actually a lot harder when there’s plenty of choices so I must say that I had a hard time picking my entry for this week’s challenge. To be honest, what I chose to post tonight was my least among the choices considering that I really wanted a subject coming from the mountains I and my hiking buddies conquered, supposedly.


The mountain on the photo is one of the mountains that I am yet to climb and it was taken at the most beautiful cove in the world, Nagasasa Cove (Pundaquit, Zambales) when I joined this fund raising project of PVI’s Island Adventure For A Cause. I got the chance to experience setting foot in the country I wish to visit, New Zealand, because of the said Island Adventure. I know that sounds somewhat funny but that’s how I genuinely felt when I was savoring the breathtaking views of the place on that very day (21 March 2010). That justifies the decision to pick a picture of a mountain from island hopping,and not from mountain climbing.

PS: Kodak C-813


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

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  2. Wow! That’s in Zambales? I wouldn’t have guessed. Everything about the picture is spectacular. Like the ones I only see in the movies like ” Lord of The Rings.” Thank you for sharing your mountain adventures. I may not be able to climb them myself but it kind of feels like it when I stare at the amazing photo. Best wishes to you and your family.


  3. well as expected this would be your shining moment bro,hehehe..
    me too really cant believe when I first saw this photo that it is actually here in the Philippines..
    I am thinking of a place you have mentioned above but i’m very glad we have an equivalent mountains to par with the spectacular mountains of other countries.
    Speaking technically,the angle is perfect cone shape and the color,although subtle,added a fine scheme and contrast to every object in the photo making it look as if its not a tropical place/country..


    • Thank you, bro, for noticing the angle and contrast of the picture. You have remembered vividly what this photo looks like the first time I posted it – which explains why you were able to notice that I made some enhancement there.

      This is one of the many reasons why I really feel content with where my purse can take me for now by exploring our own country first.


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  6. Sony, I knew that this week’s challenge is right along your alley! Very nice picture of this mountain in Zambales. I hope one day you get to climb this mountain and we will look forward to your pictures and posting!


  7. You seem to really like mountain.That’s a great.
    I visited New Zealand ten years ago but I didn’t climb the mountain.
    Next time I’ll try to climb some mountain when my children grow up.:)


    • I really really do, Cocomino. I envy your chance to visit New Zealand. I wonder when will I have that chance too. Well, dreaming is free so I may have to utilize that for the meantime 🙂


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