The Pristine Water Around Capones Island

Whenever I blog about a particular place, what I usually write are the things I remember right there and then. The lighthouse was the first thing that crossed my mind; however, I did not actually have a decent picture of it. I only have one that is really a standout among the many.

This sole picture will show you the beauty of Capones Island. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words.

Capones Island in Pundaquit (Zambales) is characterized by huge rock formations, grasslands (brown in the picture because summer was at its peak-2010), and huge rock formations encircled by coral beaches.

Photo Source (PS): iPhone 2G

For more information (activities, how to get to the place, tips, where to stay, etc.), please click this site:


14 thoughts on “The Pristine Water Around Capones Island

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    • Don’t worry, Ms. Fiona, you can always get to that part if you wish to. Just take a look at these photos over and over again. I wish these pictures should have been captured by a DSLR to give you the “decent” environs of Capones 😉


  5. Those pictures blew me away. It looks like what you see in the Mediterranean Islands. I never knew that Zambales has breathtaking Islands like this. The lighthouse , the blue sea, the dreamy landscape, all of these you captured beautifully on your photos. Well done my friend. One day , you and your son will be revisiting this places. It would be a great adventure for both of you. God bless you and your family. Thanks for sharing and the comments. See you in weekly photo challenge for this week.


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