Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

(7.2009 - Makati City) This picture is quite historic for me because it is the "first" photograph of my old Kodak C-813.


Up the window of my boss’ cubicle

I took this angle …

Until the theme, up, of the weekly photo challenge came

And this photograph was not put in vain.

PS: Kodak C-813


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

    • Didn’t even realize the geometric thing, Ramon. I appreciate that comment of yours. And, yeah, it was a nice clear day which is rare especially in times like this in the Philippines where typhoon season is at it’s peak.


    • Salamat, island traveler! I would have bothered capturing buildings around Makati that are way stunning, but I guess the sentimental value of this first photo was strong enough to stop me. Hehe …


    • So you used to work here … H’m … I wonder what brought you back there. Ah, I got it. The way you blog about your beautiful place called Mandaue, I bet that explains it all. By the way, I’m glad I made you miss Makati City. Thanks for the visit, aRvee!


      • Hmmm, if you could read my About me page it explains it all… Yeah I miss Makati stayed there for almost 2 months way back February 2004 (but I’ve been to Manila last November, and also last December to spent Christmas and New Year with my sis and her family in Marikina)


  1. Hi Bro.. I’m back..

    Nicely shot with a very good angling.I thought it was taken sa ibang bansa..
    I like the bluish background and the manner it was shot..ang galing naman ibig sabihin kaharap lang to ng Company nyo..hehehe


    • Di nga? Hehe … Dios mabalos nonetheless, bro, and welcome back!

      By the way, why can’t I post a comment on your blog since you changed its theme? I’ve been posting more than 50 comments 🙂 since the last time but they can’t really penetrate. I hope you could read this as soon as possible and that the reason is purely technical.


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