Chasing The Emerald Tree Skink

I was busy luxuriating in the natural beauty of the panoramic Mount Isarog in front of our house at Sagrada Familia, Pili, Camarines Sur, when I happened to see this “green” skink (Scientific Name: Lamprolepis smaragdina) coming out from the hollow of our tamarind tree. He told me he wanted to play by letting me chase him so I gave in.

Sometimes, all it takes is to devote a little time to discover the beauty and joy out of simple things the Aura up there created like the skink that I had ignored for quite sometime now. I’m glad I did! I really had fun chasing the skink.

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them” (Paulo Coelho).

For more information (e.g., how to get to the place, climate, major industries) about the town of Pili in Camarines Sur, visit this website:

PS: Sis’ Sony Digicam (Borrowed) & GE X5


20 thoughts on “Chasing The Emerald Tree Skink

  1. Is Salamander the same as Gecko? If so, you can sell it at high price! Just kidding. I pity those gecko creatures. They’ll soon become extinct if this “Gecko” mania won’t stop.


  2. Great pics and thanks for sharing. Now I know that a salamander is actually an amphibian and not a reptile.

    From the link you provided above I can see there are many species of them but I like the one on your post more.

    Your place looks cool… 🙂


  3. “tabili” ang tawag niyan sa amin Bro, hehehe..Ganda ng mga shots mo..
    Now you appreciate it. tama ka minsan they’re being overlook but if taken much heed..You’ll see the beauty of it..


    • I did check on the info you gave, Nath, and I am happy with what I found out. You are, beyond question, correct! I appreciate your effort to correct me, so THANK YOU. And, for the comment too.


      This is really one of the priceless things I get from fellow bloggers. Thanks again, Nath. I owe you one! I will change my title after attending to the comments. That’s a promise!


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