Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

There are different paths leading to the mountain’s summit and most of the time, these paths are hard and arduous.

Howbeit, once you see what’s atop the summit, you’ll be driven to find harder and more arduous paths.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. Impressive. It must be exhilirating to be on top of the mountain. I admire your kind of hobby. It both involves mental and physical fitness. Only the brave can face such scary heights. Great photos. Thanks for letting us see the amazing landscape that you discovered on your path of adventures.


  2. Wow Sony! These photos are simply amazing. I’m breathless just looking at the photos. What is even more amazing is that you climbed that mountain! Awesome indeed. Just curious, what is your resting heart rate? And how do you prepare for such a feat? Anyway, thanks for sharing. Also, I haven’t yet read all your posts, so I will need to catch up. I see that you are a frequent blogger! Last but not least, congrats to you on being “Freshly Pressed.” Way cool! Have a wonderful weekend with your family. 🙂


  3. Sounds like I’m bragging but I still have a normal heart rate (60-80 bpm) at the summit, and I prepare by doing yoga (the flow fire series) for straight 2 hours rather than lifting weights.

    Thanks for congratulating me, for mentioning my family, and for taking time to share a piece of your beautiful words here!


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