My turn to say, “The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To …”

It’s been three weeks since I received this award yet I am still elated just like when I saw one of my favorite blog posts on Freshly Pressed. And even after learning that I had to do some tasks first before finally including that badge on my widget’s. Now, I am compelled to comply with the tasks.

Here are the three (3) things I should do:

First, thank the person who nominated me and link to him too.

A million thanks to THE ISLAND TRAVELER ( More than words can’t explain how happy I am for a huge recognition like this one most notably because it came from an undoubtedly versatile blogger. I’m speechless …

Second, share seven (7) random facts about me.

Just like the famous blogger who nominated me, this is something I don’t really want to do but however it may be, here are seven random facts about me:

1. I love toy cars and I always consider it one of the best gifts, if not the best, gift for me. There are only very few people around me who knows I am into this lilliputian cars and I actually have a collection of these cute toys. The reason for doing so is to heal the wounds of my childhood on toy cars deprivation.

2. I am a person who loves solitude so I make it a point to include a time for myself at least once a month. I work full-time at the country’s law firm as a stenographer and as a part-time instructor to two of the universities here in Metro Manila. Gleaning from what I just wrote, I bet there’s no reason for me to be hesitant on reconnecting with myself from time to time by doing any of the following: staring blankly at the wall, looking over the horizon as the sun sets and rises, wandering aimlessly through the woods, watching a nice movie, savoring the beauty of nature, swimming alone in the beach (which is the hardest to do and most expensive at that), and anything that makes the world around me UNDISTURBED.

3. I love playing with my son and wife so amid the hectic schedule, I make sure that the three of us can have a quality time, always! The kind of happiness I get from watching my son and wife’s guffaws whenever we wrestle on bed is just priceless. It also makes me feel like I am toddler each time we play and I like that pretty much! Seeing them patiently waiting for me at sala each time I come home from work as I stretch the door, instantly vaporizes stress.

4. I believe in aliens and UFOs.

5. Like the blogger who shared this award with me, I also love my wife’s cooking. (Sorry for borrowing the words, IT. Got no better term in mind at this point.) This is the reason why I always bring a pack lunch and snack prepared by her almost everyday. We are even planning to put up a small eatery (carinderia) by the time we’re in the province already. We are actually nearing the “country lane” at this point. I just need to finish some business here in the metropolis before finally settling in the province.

6. I am trying hard to live a “green” life because I believe that it’s not yet late to share my microscopic acts, which can create a ripple effect towards the preservation of Nature.

7. I call myself a blabbermouth. I can’t stop talking most of the time. This blog is an attestation to that.

The last is, to pass this award to my five (5) new blogging friends. Contact and congratulate them for getting such an award.

I’d like to quote The Island Traveler for his view on the said task: “It’s like a Pay Forward concept but I would like to think of it as making meaningful connections and valuing friendships.”

In no particular order, here are the bloggers I picked for this award:

Donna of I guarantee you that her posts are all purposeful. Reading even just one of her posts can make you appreciate life’s oftenly ignored wonders. It can also awaken the sense of equality supposedly shared by all living things. Her advocacy for animals radiates the good soul in her.

Arvee of His interest to do well in the blogosphere is evidently shown on his blog. The last time I visited his blog, I suffered from Freudian Salivation Syndrome. Check out his “aromatic” blog to know why I used that adjective! You won’t regret you did. I also admire his love for his mother and the kind of care he gives to her — first-hand.

Nelson of Like The Island Traveler, he is a loving husband who cares so much about his son and wife. I can relate to most of his posts too. And just like the majority of us in the blogosphere, he also finds great comfort in blogging. Hence, the name of his blog.

Bama of Bama is a certified globetrotter and what I really find magnetizing about him is his ability to articulate his travels through words — and through his camera! You will sure enjoy every piece of his photographs on his website and you can’t help but exclaim these words after visiting his site: “What an Amazing World, indeed!”

Lovely of Lovely was the one who gave me the experience of traveling abroad via her beautiful pictures the very first time I set foot on her blog. She can make her readers feel like they are actually in the place she’s at. How tempting is that, huh?

Given the chance, I am willing to share this award to all the bloggers, subscribers, and commenters who supported Stories of My Wandering Feet & Mind. For this reason, let me say, “THANK YOU!”, once again to the following people who gave and still giving support to this blog:

The Island Traveler, John Tugano and Cocomino (who received the same award), Ramoncito, Ben, Joniphilippines, Frizztext, Iñigo, Cecelia, Winnie Doctolero, Rastelly, Nandini, Nuvofelt, Josette, Mizz, Marien Fullo, Louise, Maggie, Jakesprinter, Jo Bryant, Thirdhandart, Changeversations, Pix & Kards, Northernnarratives, Gian Ramos, Moderncowgirl (the first blogger who liked my first few posts) and the rest of those who supported this blog one way or another.


29 thoughts on “My turn to say, “The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To …”

  1. Your “wandering feet & mind” will only find its way when your soul (in God’s time) leaves your body; but till you breathe, keep on wandering because your journeys are “food for thought.”


  2. Wow Sony! This is such a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for this award. I am really honored and touched by it. Also, congrats to the other bloggers mentioned here. Nonetheless, I am deeply moved by your words Sony. It really is something special to be recognized by our fellow bloggers. Moreover, you are more than that. You are a friend that cares deeply about our planet, and all the animals that inhabit it. It always brings me great joy when I read your posts. Not to be overlooked, I admire the love that you have for your family. Family is very important to me too. After all, family is what inspires us to be bigger than ourselves. In other words, why live life just for the sake of living it? Why not try to make a difference? And you do make a difference Sony.

    I really enjoyed reading the seven random facts about you. By the way, that must have been really cool seeing a UFO. Wow! I haven’t actually seen one, but I have no doubt that there is probably more than just “us” out there in the cosmos. Thanks for sharing your story. Last but not least, blabbermouth Sony??? I say keep on blabbing. It inspires all of us. 🙂


  3. Congratulations my friend. You deserve every inch of this award, perhaps even more. A million thanks too not just for mentioning me in your post but more importantly for being a TRUE blogger friend. Your comments always gives me the motivation to be better each time. There’s a lot of things about me that I see in your stories. First and foremost, as a devoted husband and a loving father. Your posts shows how much you love your family and how much they inspire you. You also enjoy nature and what it has too offer but more importantly, you take a step in protecting it, conserving it for the future generations.I could add more but I’ll conclude it by saying that you are also passionate about blogging. Your words and photos comes alive in every post, with each adventure. I wish you all the best. God bless you and your family always. Wonderful post , Bro!


    • Thank you very much, Bro! I hope you had enough sleep since I know you can’t have plenty. Hehe … I always appreciate your comments. Comments that have been my constant motivation to give the best of what I can do here.

      God bless your beautiful family and you.


    • Do itashimashite, Cocomino. It is … although tiring and monotonous! I’d be entering the academe soon as a full-time instructor — which is my real dream. Just need to finish some stuff. Thanks, my friend, as always!


  4. Oh my… I humbly accept this award…

    Thanks Sony for this honor! I’m not sure how I deserve this award, but I really really appreciate it, especially knowing that this came from a very good blogger. I’ll post my ‘award” post as soon as I get the time.

    And thanks for sharing bits and pieces about you. There’s one thing we have in common… it’s the love for toy cars! My son benefits from this passion of mine. We have a huge collection of toy cars at home! Nice knowing you more! More power and God bless!


  5. Wow, thanks Sony boy… Not quite sure what you meant by Freudian Salivation Syndrome – so if you can explain it more on layman’s term I would appreciate it…

    Including me here on your list is such an honor especially coming from a blogger who had been Freshly Pressed – you leave me speechless, my friend. As you can see, if any of your followers here would visit my blog, there are not so much words on most of my posts, as I prefer it short.

    Thanks for this honor, you are encouraging me to write more contents to my future blogs, I’ll see what I can do but no worries, I won’t be pressured (lol) 🙂

    By the way, I was surprised to learn that you are taking 2 part-time teaching jobs, how industrious you are my friend, you will truly be rewarded for all your hard works…

    Again thanks for the award, I really appreciate it. Stay blessed Sony boy! 🙂


  6. Hi Bro, I still remember the day you showed up on my site and I was so overjoyed that time since a versatile blogger in your persona tried to let me realize my worth as a blogger.You were these kind and and appreciative that every comment you left,leaves a lasting effect on my mind..

    Eversince,I never doubted your talent in writing because I know you’re an expert on that craft.Every entry you have is worth a read thus I say you are truly deserving of this ” The Versatile Blogger Award.”

    I’ll take time visiting those on your list Bro,..Stay blessed..=)


  7. Bro, I’d like to remind you that I am the fan here — of you, IT, among other bloggers here. You are beyond question A Versatile Blogger too. Hence, you also deserved every millimeter of that award. With that, you made me more convivial. I’m gonna watch out for what you will cook …

    Again, I’d like you to know I am still the same fan of your work and keep your creative juice flowing.

    Stay cool, bro!


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  9. Wow, it’s such an honor to receive this award from you Sony! Surely, you couldn’t imagine how elated I was when I saw this in my office 😀 I wanna give you a million thanks for sharing this award with me. I was really very touched. This award is even more special because it came from you who is an awesomely talented and fabulous writer. I’m also a great fan of your stories and I really admire your passion and dedication to writing.

    I also enjoyed reading the seven random facts about you. I knew that you are an educator but I didn’t know that your are an educator slash stenographer. I think that’s very cool and that explains why you have such an impressive vocabulary. I’m really happy to see how far your blog has grown from the very first time I’ve seen your site. Thank you once again my friend and this award will be truly treasured! More power! God bless you and your family! 😀


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