Magic of Photoshop Mobile

I was waiting for the result of my interview, from a possible employment abroad, yesterday and it was only there that I noticed the pre-installed application software called Photoshop Mobile in my iPhone after more than four (4) years. Believe it or not. So I explored what it can possibly do for a photo just to kill time since I got no other stuff to play with.

Here is the photograph of a laser light I captured last December during the Musical Fountain Show at Manila Ocean Park, which is what I used to explore this App.

Before: Christmas Laser “Light”

Utilizing the effect feature called “pop” of that App, I came up with a nice and new wallpaper for my phone. The photo above was my wallpaper before discovering this magical App.

After: Christmas Laser “Lights”

As for the result of the interview, it didn’t turn out favorable for me yet I still am happy. I know it’s lame but something as simple–to do–as what you can see on the photo is enough for me to get over the not so good news about what happened that day. Looking on the brighter side, I can still spend Christmas with my family. If the case were that I passed the interview, I’d be leaving in a matter of one month and that means a sad December for me this year. So although I was saddened that “the plan” did not come to fruition as expected, the thought of having to spend Christmas with my son and wife still is a blessing…and every time I glance at my new wallpaper! That’s some kind of magic for me.

I was thinking, Christmas Season is fast approaching and so just like houses, blogs should also be festooned with something like a colorful picture or any equivalent of Christmas decoration. I am sure it will make one’s blog look cool.


18 thoughts on “Magic of Photoshop Mobile

  1. It is indeed a blessing to be able to spend Christmas with your family! As an OFW, I have seen so many fathers or mothers who have left their families in the Philippines, and spent most of their lives away working abroad. I know it’s a sacrifice, but then sometimes you get to think that you lose a big part of your life.
    I am glad you look at this misfortune in a positive way. You’re a man of character! Kudos!


  2. I am sorry to hear that the interview did not go well. I am sure that you will be happy to be with your family for Christmas time 🙂 Judy


  3. Awesome photos Sony! They magically mesmerize me. Also, I am sorry to hear the news about the interview. That being said, I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I’m sure that there will be bigger and better things coming your way. Besides, it doesn’t get any better than spending Christmas with your family! I know that your family would have missed you very much. No Sony for Christmas??? No way! Anyway, your photos are magical. And so will be your Christmas. 🙂


    • “Things always work out for the best.” I like that line. I’m gonna be adding that to my collection of quotes. Thank you so much for the piece of advice! I think I really needed those words.


  4. Hmmnn.. why do you think of leaving the country,Bro? just a question..Yes it would be really sad if you’re going to leave your loved ones here especially X-mas is going nearer and nearer..We’re going to miss an excellent blogger anyway..

    The photo you have experimented is so nice..good thing you have that application on your phone..


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