Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

There’s no better place that could articulate the theme of this week’s photo challenge than a classroom. For this reason, I decided to use my first ever sharpening room (Room No. 303), which offered countless possibilities both for me and my students.

My First “Sharpening Room”

No matter how traditional this classroom is, its contribution to every teacher and student who come and go in and from it is undeniably valuable because it helped each of them discover the possibility of what they can become. I am optimistic that it will turn into a modern classroom one day. For now, this is what one of the schools I’m connected with can offer to their students. The challenge is up to us teachers to explore the possibilities of what we can do inside.

PS: iPhone 2G & PS Mobile


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. I salute you bro,for the countless information you have imparted to your students.Now, Everything is possible for them because you have instilled them the gift of possibilities which is knowledge…It is always refreshing to think that you’ve been a part of their success because of teaching and honing them..

    Nice photo for the challenge I love the red color…

    Kudos to you Bro…


    • Dios mabalos, bro! That means a lot to me. I agree with you in saying that it is refreshing to know we are a part of the students’ success because we, teachers, became an essential part of their education. That’s simply priceless and money can’t make us feel that way.


  2. This post is a perfect fit for this week’s photo challenge Sony. So true that life is full of endless possibilities. Moreover, you have given those students more than possibilities. You have given them the gift of knowledge. It may not be a modern classroom yet, but your tenacity and perseverance is proof positive that you can still make a difference without the modern conveniences. Even more importantly, it’s that your students have someone that cares enough to help make their dreams become a reality. You should be commended for all that you do to give others hope, inspiration and knowledge. I bet that “first sharpening room” brings back many fond memories both for you and your students. Thanks for sharing this uplifting post. Your students must really appreciate you! 🙂


    • Their appreciation to what we, teachers, do is something we can never ever buy. Though we at the public schools don’t receive the kind of compensation that those at the private schools enjoy, students’ appreciation complements for that. I couldn’t ask for more.

      Thank you so much too for uplifting my spirit literally and figuratively! You made me more proud of what I do.


  3. Nice photograph, Kuya! We can sense your passion in your career, and I’m sure your students are lucky to have a teacher like you. Wishing you more pencils and more sharpening days ahead!


  4. I always consider teachers as the most instrumental person to every knowledge that all of us have. They help us find our dreams and make a mark in the World. To you and all the teachers out there, thank you for the invaluable gift, the gift of learning. God bless you always and your family. Beautiful photo with an inspiring narration.


    • IT, it’s my way of giving back to the teachers who honed me too. Maybe I was meant to do this since being able to share my knowledge to others is something I consider most fulfilling in terms of career. In behalf of my fellow teachers, THANK YOU for recognizing our contributions to this hopeful world!

      I’d also like to thank you for your ability to work eighteen hours a day and seven days a week. There are only few doctors who can do that and I certainly know you’re one of those who can. I should definitely commend you for being into your passion too.

      Send my regards to the fam, IT.


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