Quality Roses Are Grown At The Philippine Cut Flower Corporation

“If you’ve bought high quality roses in the Philippines, chances are you’ve come across the Philippine Cut Flower Corporation! The Philippine Cut Flower Corporation (PCFC) was the one that literally invented the cut flower industry in the country when it started the first full-scale rose production in 1983″ (islandrose.net). Since then, it maintained its pioneer status in the business.

Today, the PCFC has been joined by other growers and has been recognized as an independent contributor to the Philippine Economy. In addition, it is the largest retailer and wholesaler of roses in the country and it specializes in growing popular Dutch and French variety flowers using state-of-the art greenhouse facilities in the cool climate of Tagaytay City, Philippines. You can find what the PCFC does to protect the environment while farming on a commercial level here: Environmental Friendly Farm.

Our teambuilding’s side trip to the Philippine Cut Flower Corporation last May 21 of the current year was very timely considering that the entire month of May celebrates Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) although it is not literally a flower festival like the famous Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City. It is actually a festival for Virgin Mary where a pageant called Santacruzan takes place on the last day to honor Reyna Elena and Constantine on their efforts in finding the True Cross in Jerusalem. Flowers, especially roses, make an integral part of the celebration because it’s what Catholics offer to Jesus’ Mother for her purity and exemplary kindness.

This sidetrip became memorable for me not only because of what I stated earlier but because I had the privilege of using a DSLR (Nikon D50) courtesy of my officemate. Thank you, pal, for letting me play with your superb toy.

Taking pictures of these beautiful flowers has never been this effortless. The difference is big as you can tell instantly from the pictures below which one is taken by a DSLR and which one is captured by a point-and-shoot.

The cool clime on this part of the island is pretty evident on the flowers’ healthy looks, particularly their vibrant colors. No wonder PCFC erected its center of operations in Tagaytay City.

For more information about the Philippine Cut Flower Corporation and in case you want high quality roses to be delivered right to her doorstep (or to his doorstep), visit this website: www.islandrose.net.

PS: Nikon D50 & GE X5


38 thoughts on “Quality Roses Are Grown At The Philippine Cut Flower Corporation

    • Actually, I don’t really like flowers too as subjects for photography but nothing was attractive to me that time. More so, the place I was into. Cloud is my favorite subject, and that makes it ironic because I have no picture nor post about it yet to date.

      Anyways, thank you for dropping by today!


  1. Just beautiful Sony! The colors are so very vibrant. It looks like you are a “natural” at photography. That was very nice of your coworker to lend you their camera. Also, it’s nice to know that the company is environmentally friendly. Thanks for providing the link. It was interesting to read all about their process. Anyway, thanks again for a lovely post. 🙂


    • You are welcome, Donna.

      The reason why I like PCFC is because of their greenhouse facilities. That’s why I made sure that this company receives recognition from servants of Mother Nature like us by promoting it here. I’m glad you pointed that out. Thank you!


  2. Now those are a bunch of vividly clear and colorful roses. I like how you took them as individuals then as group. Gives more distinction and character. Your are a true artist and adventurer. I remember how beautiful Tagaytay was. I had my affiliation in their Nursing then when I passed the medical boards, my relatives brought me there too. We even saw the Highland before the peaceful revolution against Mr. Estrada. So much wonderful memories . Thank you and God bless you and your family always. Life will be good and beautiful for you because you chose it to be. Stay cool, Bro!


    • The country is somehow “submerged in the mud” at this time and choosing to be optimistic amid the darkness is a coping mechanism. Salamat, bro, for encouraging me more to stay the same.


  3. Whoa! I was actually thinking about “Island Rose” at the beginning, until you mentioned it in the last part of your post! I didn’t know that PCFC and Island Rose are the same company! I am a “suki” of this website, because I am fond of ordering roses to send to my loved ones in the Philippines. “Island Rose” is very reliable, they will bring your roses at the doorstep of the recipient, at the time and date specified! And all the recipients of my ordered flowers liked what they received! The flowers would always be very fresh, and nicely packaged. My wife would always take pictures of the bouquet to show me what she received. I also sent a bouquet to my former college professor, and she liked it so much.
    I envy you coz you’ve been to that place! I’ve been wanting to find out where and how they are growing these very beautiful varieties.
    Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!


    • I’m glad to know that you are a regular customer of islandrose/PCFC and to hear how this company help build stronger relationships because of their quality flowers. Now, I must really believe with PCFC’s catchphrase which is, KEEPING RELATIONSHIPS ALIVE.

      Thank you too for asseverating my statements!


  4. wow so good for the eye,bro.I love the photos of these lovely roses..I just wish that i can go to this place in tagaytay…Are visitors allowed to take a visit there? hehehe..
    BTW I want to experience using that professional camera too ehehe..=)


    • Yes, visitors are allowed, bro. The nicer thing is, there’s no entrance fee. Just a little chitchat and a spell of persuasion will do. Hehe … But I’m serious though.

      I agree that DSLRs are way better than point-and-shoot cams but I still love my camera more than the former. You know why? I am learning to be more creative and resourceful at how to bring decent pictures with it. I don’t really buy the idea of “effortlessness” though it’s cool as you can see on the third paragraph. You sure know what I am trying to put across there, bro.


      • hehehe bro I’m no good when it comes to camera…just like you I’m making the best out of what I have a low tech digicam ehehe..Nice I’ll try to visit there..


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  6. Wow, I love roses so I really enjoyed reading this post. And indeed, the photos taken from the DSLR look magnificent. It’s also my dream to own a DSLR but I still can’t afford it now. hehe

    Thanks for giving us a trip to this rose farm Sony! 😀


  7. In partial fulfillment of the requirements in the course Thesis/Project in Communication, we, graduating students of Bachelor of Arts in Communication in Tarlac State University, are required to create a video documentary about Cut Flower Industry. Through our documentary, we seek to know the different cut flowers species found in Island Rose and How can the operation of cut flower industry been describe in terms of:
    a. Planting
    b. Harvesting
    c. Production
    d. Marketing
    e. Modern method of planting
    . The documentary hopes to help the people in the Philippines particularly the students, the producers and consumers of cut flowers, the government, the tourists and also the people who wish to start a business like the cut flower industry to see the rich flora resources found in the country. The study aims to see the nature of cut flower industry and how big it can help in the growth of economy.

    In line with this, our team humbly requests your permission to interview the president of the Island Rose. We extend you our sworn pledge of responsibility and proper behavior within your grounds, hoping that we gain your much needed trust.

    Thank you very much and we fervently anticipate a favorable response from you.


    • Hi, Kimber. I am really, really thankful for showing interest in this post.

      I understand how important it is for you to get first-hand information from PCFC. However, as much as I want to assist you in bridging your request to interview the PCFC’s president, I can’t. The only connection if you may I have with them is this very blog post. And I am now in Saudi Arabia.

      Nevertheless, I dropped your comment (verbatim) to PCFC’s website–at their customer support section. I tried to search for your mobile number via facebook but I was not able to find you there. So I provided mine as that field has to be filled in. I hope they will reply to your email, which I indicated therein. I suggest you visit their website at http://www.islandrose.net or refer below for the same.

      Philippine Office:
      Philippine Cut Flower Corporation
      G/F Tropical Palms Building
      103 Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village
      Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines 1229
      Tel. No. (632) 816-3091
      Fax (632) 817-3263

      God bless your thesis.


      Don’t forget to share about the outcome with me, please.


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