Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration


If there’s one thing I would like to celebrate, it would be the fact that I’m alive and kicking. I’ve never been so aware of his gift of life until I had experienced the hardest climb in my more than two years of mountain climbing. That was the time I battled the pit of death in Mount Marami against its steep ravine several times amid the heavy rains and darkness during the challenging ascent. Fortunately, I and the rest of my hiking buddies won over countless gravitational pulls of the earth as we tussled each step towards the proverbial summit. Making it to the summit definitely calls for a celebration–no matter what it took! A celebration of the precious life — which is something we often realize and value only when faced with a similar predicament — the Aura up there gives.


60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

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  2. An amazing feat Sony! That is definitely a reason to celebrate. The heavy rains and darkness must have made that challenge all the more difficult. I say kudos to you my friend for such an accomplishment. I’m not a mountain climber, but I think that would be fun to “attempt” that feat. Unfortunately, we don’t have any mountains here in Florida. So, until I get a chance to travel, my mountain climbing will need to wait. In the meanwhile, I’ll live vicariously through your photos. Ha! Ha! I hope you and your family have the happiest Christmas ever! 🙂


    • I’m lookin’ forward to that climb of yours!!! I’m sure you will do great at it because you are living a healthy life. Thank you so much, Dona! My greetings to you and your family will be posted soon.


  3. Sony! A true reason to celebrate and an inspiration to some of us(that would be me)that whine over having to walk three miles for heart health. You are an inspiration and the second picture of all those smiles makes me smile! The first picture with the hikers in silhouette is amazing.


  4. So true. That’s a reason to celebrate indeed, celebrate each day of our lives and be grateful when the night approaches. 🙂

    Beautiful photos and great adventures.


    • You’re right, Nandini. We should celebrate each day. Thank you for making me realize that there is actually no perfect place and day to celebrate the life that the Aura up there gives everyday!


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  7. Lets celebrate life bro and thank God for breathing it onto us…God is so good for letting us experience every precious thing here on earth. There’ll be so many hard climbs that we are going to encounter,not just climbing a mountain literally but climbing the steep rocks of life. I hope that you can climb that bro, with the help of our Dear Lord. Nice for the challenge,very meaningful. 🙂


  8. Recently I also went on a hiking to a volcano in Java. So when I read this post of yours I instantly thought “what a coincidence!”. I used to be a person who never gets excited about mountain hiking. But after my recent trip, I think I’ve started liking it.


  9. I’m glad and relieved that everyone is safe. Yes, life and our health are a reason to celebrate year and year. It’s one treasure we can never buy because it’s a blessing from God.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry and blessed Christmas full of joy, peace and happiness.


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