Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

What happens when the Wandering Feet & Mind launches his “ability” 😉 to talk to animals?

I’ll give you a glimpse …


At Mount Pico de Loro…


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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

  1. Awesome pictures, I especially love the second one. 🙂 My boyfriend is like that with animals, I have many pictures archived of him with snakes, turtles, dragonflies, etc – it’s a gift, cherish and enjoy it. 🙂


  2. A fun post Bro. Made me remember my childhood years. I forgot the name of the winged insect on your finger but I used to play with them as a child as well was with dragonflies, bugs , and other fascinating critters. So, Dr. Dolittle, what did you tell Mr. Ostrich? Talking to animals is a talent, caring about them is a gift and a reflection of a man with a heart. Be a light for others….the world needs more people like you. God bless you and your family….


    • A damsel, bro. I came across that word only when I made that post about my climb to Mt. Pico de Loro where I met (for the first time) this creature called, damsel. What I told Mr. Ostrich was, “Pose with me pal or you’re gonna end up hanging like a wrung t-shirt in my backyard.” Bwahaha … Seriously, let’s just say I muttered a little prayer as I approached him. When I put my arm around his neck he winked at me so I made my move right there and then and — woalah — we were posing like we’re real comrades.
      You’re one of the best inspirations I have, Bro. That’s why I’ll do what I can to keep that light burning like yours. God bless your family too. Salamat!


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