Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

At last, this week’s photo challenge came because I have been waiting for that time this favorite photo of mine surfaces again. There’s no better image that could perfectly define the word PEACEFUL than the photo of Lake Buhi  below.

“If there’s one thing I couldn’t forget about the place, it would be its halcyon environs that can instantly calm one’s spirit. The serene waters unfolded my soul to some kind of magic” (The Halcyon Lake Buhi in Camarines Sur).

This post is my way of joining the bandwagon for the latest tourism campaign of my country (IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES). I am proud to say that with such a peaceful place like Lake Buhi, it is beyond question more fun in my country than anywhere else.


57 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. I love this. I remember seeing this lake in one of your older posts, and then telling you that it reminds me of “Dal lake, Kashmir, India” It’s beautiful, Sony. Love the blue shade. Great shot. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful place my friend, this is the one with the man with a pink umbrella, right? haha, how can I forget that.

    Great color combination but as you mentioned before, not on t-shirts, haha. You’ve been to many different places and I will dig them at a later time. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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  5. “The serene waters unfolded my soul to some kind of magic.” And so it did to mine and all that gaze at this photo. Tanquil blue waters, so still I can hear my heartbeat. You always bring out the best in you photo subjects. Bro, I wish one day I get to see images like this in person. Best wishes to you and your family.


    • Safe to say, I made the right choice for the challenge. I actually hesitated to use that photo again considering the fact that it was already a part of the post, Philippines’ Lake Buhi”, not to mention using it as a featured image for that widget as part of the Philippine Mountains and Adventure Spots.


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  7. Beautiful photograph. The combination of colors blue & green is simply awesome. Yes nothing can be more peaceful, than spending few more hours in this place. I will agree with you and your tag of the tourism campaign “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”. Yes absolutely, it’s going to be fun in Philippines. 🙂


    • Many thanks for asseverating the new tourism campaign! I couldn’t be more proud because of the overwhelming responses, particularly the kind of response you gave, to this particular blog post.


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