Little Wonders Series’ First Episode

It’s been my plan to start this series where I will be featuring what I call “Little Wonders” comprising photos of small organisms from plant and, sometimes, animal kingdom. These little wonders are all favorites and photographed by me, of course, during my travels to different places particularly mountains in the northern and southern parts of the biggest island in the Philippines, Luzon. Little wonders are small organisms that are often neglected; yet, each of them present a striking beauty i f you take a closer look.

Today is the day for that plan to come to fruition as I am now launching the first episode of my Little Wonders Series. In this episode, the little wonders will come from my recent adventure to Laguna on my way to that famous waterfall last 06 November 2012.



I still want to improve my photography skills so I’d be really happy to see comments and suggestions from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers on each of my posts for this series, especially pros in this craft.


45 thoughts on “Little Wonders Series’ First Episode

  1. thank you so much for dropping by in my blog, I love all the photo’s you shared in here are all awesome, and I am glad I found your blog who promotes the beauty of the Philippines hats off to you…


    • I read about this through an email in my phone last night. Ms. Connie actually commented on my ABOUT ME and she told that you nominated me for the award. An hour ago, I visited her site and I did mention how thankful I am to you and her for making a part of this prestigious award. Bro, words can’t explain how much I’m grateful for all the support you’ve given and you’re giving me. MARAMING SALAMAT!


  2. Wow amazing shots, Sony! The photography is excellent and I love that it’s in macro! The colors are vivid and alive. I can almost see the spider move :O Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for the next photos of the series 🙂


    • The best I can give so far. I wish the macro feature of my point-and-shoot could do better than that but a DSLR will sure answer the details I want to present on the photos. H’m … Wishful thinking. Having said that, I still love my GE X5. I don’t think I will buy a new one anytime soon. I still believe we can go further — TOGETHER. 🙂


  3. Wow Sony! These shots are amazing! “Little Wonder Series” sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I can’t get enough of these shots. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. This is Mother Nature at her finest. 🙂


  4. I am not a photography artist but I enjoyed and so far liked the way you have captured these little wonders of yours,Bro.It’s just by being creative on your shots that you become a real artist or photo enthusiast…Very nice post my friend..I’ll wait for the next part..


  5. I need not comment on those beautiful pictures, that’s given, what I want to give praise is this evolution of yours into becoming a really great interesting blogger, I love this new “series” theme.


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