The Not-So-Famous Bumbungan Eco Park

After the exciting and tiring activities (e.g., Shooting the Rapids, plain sauntering  through the Japanese Garden, and tasting the serene Lumot Lake) in the peaceful town of Cavinti, tourists and travelers alike would flock to a place where they can relax and wash up. This is the time when a not so known place called Bumbungan Eco Park surfaces.

Located at Brgy. Tibatib, Cavinti, Laguna, said park is the perfect place for resting–with its affordable bathrooms and picnic huts plus a free swimming pool. This was where we simmered down and bathed after Shooting the Roughly Blazed Paths of Pasanjan Falls.

 Take a sneak peek at what this place has to offer. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Please do not be discouraged by the brownish color of the waters because it is a natural effect of the heavy rains that poured on our way to the place. This off-coloring of rivers, according to what I read, usually occur when the air has a lot of smog and the water catches the pollution in it and bring it into the rivers or the rain stirred up mud and mud is being washed into the river. Rest assured that in a day or two, it will go back to its inviting color.


It is interesting to mention that the river (i.e., Bumbungan) cascading over the spillway as shown in these photos, is the very river that flows from the famous Pagsanjan Falls.

The Wandering Feet was here last 06 November 2011.

For more information (how to get to place, activities, etcetera), please click this site:


12 thoughts on “The Not-So-Famous Bumbungan Eco Park

    • Dios mabalos, Bro! Yeah, I could see how busy you are, as reflected on your blog. You know what I’m talkin’ about. So, you would really want to dip yourself there eventhough it’s kind of chocolatey … On the contrary, that color suggests a far more thrilling fun. 🙂


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