A Magical Site Trip To Lobo Beach Club & Spa

The town of Lobo is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the province of Batangas because of its beautiful beaches. The coastlines enveloping the five barangays of Fabrica, Masaguitsit, Olo-Olo, Malabrigo, Soloc and Sawang could be a refuge for travelers wanting to temporarily escape the bustles of everyday life, not to mention the suffocating heat and pollution, in the metropolis.

After the backbreaking reunion climb to Mount Banoi on the afternoon of 18 December 2011, the crew headed for a side trip to collect ourselves. Among the multitude of beach resorts we had seen along the coastline of Barangay Fabrica, we chose Lobo Beach Club & Spa for its affordability, neatness, and simplicity.


On the flip side, we were just not that lucky to experience what is in store for the spa offer because of one reason: it was not peak of the summer season yet when we got there.

So I explored what is in this resort instead. I quivered with joy when I saw a mangrove swamp at the back of the hotel suite. My wandering feet’s lust for wonders of nature never fails to help me discover amazing things in a place.


What I first noticed upon getting closer to it was a smelly and mosquito-ridden place. But when I framed it, the true beauty came out—all the more when I remembered the value of mangroves. They are something that should not be overlooked because they serve as a bridge between terrestrial and marine environments forming an extremely productive ecosystems. They are like bees for coral reefs and fish species.


I have always been vocal on how I love to look at the the mighty sun especially when it sets, so this post would not be complete without one. I patiently waited for the mighty sun to set over the horizon.

Seeing the limitless horizon as darkness approaches is just tremendously soothing to the soul–magic at its best!

For those who might wonder if there  are other activities offered in the resort, don’t fret because Lobo Beach Club & Spa has playing grounds for beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and frisbee. But the catch is, they are for free if you avail the exclusive accommodations.

For more information (how to get to the place, contact numbers of who to call for reservation, etcetera) about the place, please click on these sites: tours.wowbatangas.com and www.batangas-philippines.com.


37 thoughts on “A Magical Site Trip To Lobo Beach Club & Spa

    • I agree. I also have a thing with crowded places. I mean, it’s way nicer and peaceful if there are only a few, if not none at all, people around because it’s there that we can savor the moment without distractions. Great insight, friend!


  1. Nature at its best.So peaceful, so blessed, so breathtaking. The landscape alone already gives off a sense of calmness and healing. Beautiful post that warms the heart. Wishing you and your family a Happy Valentine’s day.


    • Bro, I hope you get see this comment asap because I’ve been trying to reach you and wordswithpurpose since last week. I’d like you let you know that I am having technical difficulties regarding sending comments to both of your blogs. I kept on submitting comments since last week, like I said, but I had not seen any of those that I’ve submitted appearing on your respective posts. I suggest that you check your spam. That’s the best remedy I could think of for now. If ever my hunch is correct, please inform me. This is the first time this kind of problem happened to me, so please respond for it will help me address the problem. I was thinking of reporting the matter now to WordPress …

      Thanks for the compliment, Bro! By the way. I just really need to let you know about that so I hope you don’t mind if I made that as a priority.

      HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TOO! It’s the 14th in the Philippines now.


  2. Your adventures gives me a vision of a world that has so much beauty, fun and wonder. I get to see natures simple and unforgettable magic.Thanks for sharing your stories and thanks for the recent comment. I appreciate that a lot. God bless Bro and your loving family.


    • The pleasure is all mine, bro. Thank you too for sharing your stories! I have learned invaluable life lessons especially from parenting like making me see married life’s beauty clearer.


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