Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

    • I just made some adjustments on the amount of the pic’s hue and saturation. I kind of like how it went so I retained the color you see in the photo now. Thanks, Maggie! I appreciate that, especially because you’re a pro. 🙂


    • Not for that moment as, like I said, it did fly after a few seconds of resting there — enough time for me to capture the moment. I had observed this bird for about thirty minutes and it’s amazing how they catches its prey. They dive effortlessly and — voila — the little fish pinned in its tiny beak.


    • Oh, I am honored, Shoma! Thank you very much for the Award. I did like it — IT’S AN AWARD. Thank you, thank you so much!

      By the way, the bird was indeed ready to fly because it did after a few seconds of taking a rest on that pole and then after a several attempts of diving, it caught something to be joyful about — its food.


  1. Ready to take flight or to just chill and relax. Ready to dream and conquer the world with our talents and ideas. So much possibilities to a one beautiful image that brings calmness to a restless heart. Bro, wishing you and your family all the love, peace , good health and happiness.


    • I felt so relieved with your comment, Bro. That’s so thoughtful of you.

      I’d like you to know again that I am having technical (I think) difficulties with regard sending comments to your posts and Donna’s. I feel so helpless so I am praying you will respond to this. I think my comments were directed to your spam. Please, please, inform me if that hunch is correct. It will help me resolve the problem. I will greatly appreciate if you let me know.


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  3. Sony interesting photo of the shore bird. Gull? I Like the color! I have a picture I did a few days ago that I shot when we were in Florida ready to post and it would be the perfect next action shot for your picture only my bird is a Pelican. I will have to post it. Your comments have been landing in my spam, I don’t know why and I have been having trouble with the infinite scroll on my 2010 theme. They say if you have footer widgets the scrolling will stop. You gave me an idea with your Post A Week badges!!


    • Thank you for mentioning about that spam problem. Now, it’s confirmed: my comments on your post/s, The Island Traveler, wordswithpurpose, and those with Twenty Ten Theme, really land to “spam”. I have been trying to reach The Island Traveler, wordswithpurpose, and the rest of our friends who are using Twenty Ten Theme, yet I got no response. I know why though. Perhaps, they also empty their spam from time to time just like me.

      Anyway, I already “deciphered” what caused that infinite scroll. WordPress added it in the Reading Feature. To undo it, you have to check your setting and click reading. Doing that will show you “to infinity and beyond” — found just above the Enhanced Feeds category (if you allow me to call it that way). Adjacent to it is a box, which was checked by default; hence, you have to remove the check sign by clicking the box.

      Thanks for shedding light on the spam problem though I still don’t know what’s causing. I didn’t add more than one link to my Gravatar so this is really puzzling. Thank you too for the kind words!


      Yeah, I think it’s a gull too. 😉


      • Sony I hope you don’t have three comments to this. The notification window has shut down three times on me. Your comments did not land in spam! HooRay! Thank you for telling me the fix on infinite scroll. I figured it out a few days ago after complaining to the help forums at WordPress. I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t thrilled with “scrolling to infinity”. 🙂 You are very welcome for the kind words. I enjoy your blog and I am impressed with your love for your beautiful family and the gorgeous places that your “wandering feet” take you in the Philippines. My husband enjoys your blog too! Take care.


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