Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

It’s when I looked down–from the top–that I saw how beautiful the world truly is, and it’s when I looked up–from the ground–that I understood where I came from. I owe the mountains for teaching me that life lesson.

Mt. Maculot, Batangas

Mt. Manalmon, Bulacan

Lignon Hill, Albay



60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. Sonny, WOW! Awesome. And I thought I had a view from Mt Si at 4,000 ft. These are beautiful pictures and I thank you for sharing. I wish I could still hike. My sons have climbed Mt Rainer and one son has done almost all the big ones in Wash and some in Ore. I have done some great hikes up in the mountains and there is just something so beautiful about being up there. The funny thing is I have always been afraid to fly. THe hikes helped that. I even took a small heli on a stormy day to the top of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska to drive a dog sled. Wow up there it was just amazing. You sharing these pics helps me “see myself up there” I can feel the excitement you feel looking out and the amazing feeling of the accomplishment of making it to the top! Again thank you so much.
    Ps when you get to the top of Mt Si and look over the valley you look out and you can see Mt Rainer and it looks like a ice cream cone.lol It is beautiful!


    • I just saw Mt. Si which located in North Bend, Washington with a vertical elevation change of about 3700 feet. How I wish I could climb that mountain too. Like you, my fear of heights was erased from system when I made through the summit — first time. Since then, I fell in love with being up there and see all these amazing views. Views that are only seen up the mountains. My climbing experience changed my life I tell you. I owe the mountains a lot for all the invaluable lessons they taught me.

      Thank you for introducing me to see. I think, she’ll be my concubine in the west from now on. 🙂 See, I consider these giants as my concubines for some reason.


      • Thank you for sharing Sony, it most definitely changed my life. I made it up there 4 or 5 times and it changed something in me. You are so right being up there changed the view on my perspective of life also. I miss not being able to do it . But I am now doing it thru you. Thank you.


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  4. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Sony. Though I love them all, it is the very first picture that is my favorite and I believe most reflects your sentiment. A wonderful and fitting tribute to the majestic mountains. 🙂


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  6. Your pictures are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. I would like to visit the Philippines some day so I can enjoy some of those views firsthand. I really like Mt. Maculot, Batangas.


    • Mt. Maculot is a real charm. Some mountaineers in the country says the view at the rockies (found near the highest peak of the mountain) makes them feel like they are in the middle earth.


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  11. You made me see places that I may never physically see but through you images, in a way, I felt that I was there myself. Beautiful. enchanting, breathtaking…..like a dream, only it is so real. Thanks for sharing you wonderful adventures….


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