Little Wonders Series’ Third Episode

These photos were all taken during our challenging amid the heavy rain and darkness climb to Mt. Marami in Cavite last 08 May 2011. Like Mt. Cristobal in Quezon, Mt. Marami also boasts an array of flora. Unfortunately, I only got a few because of the heavy rain that lasted for hours.

This plant is called “Barak” by the people in Mt. Marami. Sounds fun and weird …

“Little Wonders” are photos of small organisms from plant (and, at times, animal) kingdom which were all captured during my travels to different places particularly mountains in the Philippines. They are creatures that are often neglected yet each of them raises a striking beauty upon closer look. I still want to improve my photography skills so I’d be really happy to see comments and suggestions from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers on each of my posts for this series, especially pros in this craft.


45 thoughts on “Little Wonders Series’ Third Episode

  1. Delicious…. and you took my breath away when my eyes caught the cashew fruit!! Ahh, I was transported back home to my days of plucking those fruit and eating them with my friends… TY for the Memories. 🙂


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  3. that no.4 flower is a grass I also have a photo of that bro,It’s just so surprising on how beautiful it appeared on your lens I think that’s the magic of your improving photographic skills,huh… The makahiya also looks so magnificent so colorful bro..


  4. Another beautiful day, Thanks Bro to your colorful, bright and optimistic post. The pictures are amazing. I finally checked my spam section. Behold, your comments somehow found its way there. I restored them back. Thank you. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and the inspiring comments.


    • I couldn’t be happier to hear that, Bro. It’s just that I somewhat felt like I lost my connection when that happened. I mean, not being able to send comment/s. You are welcome, bro. And thank you too!


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  6. Hi, Kuya Sony. Mark here. I wanna revive our blog partnership. Haha. Hope you still remember me. 🙂
    Your photos are very good. For your own good, please add watermarks to them. Alam mo na. Anyone online may just use/reproduce them without any credit to you. Btw, I am really frustrated about my aging Olympus digicam. The qualities of the pictures I am taking through that are of increasingly poor quality.


    • Of course, I remember you, Mark. I’m really glad to see you here. It’s been a while. Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I already considered putting watermark to each of my photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have the software yet. Olympus is a very good camera. You just have to be patient, extra patient, to be able to cope with the features that it lacks. I repeat, patience is the answer to that poor quality. Trust me.


      • Thanks for the encouragement, Kuya Sony. Pero yun. Once I have the means, I will scout for a better one already. I’ve had a number of contacts who are photographers lately and I truly admire them cause they seem to be capable of appreciating the beauty of everything around them. 🙂


  7. Still very colorful Sony! Those flowers are very pretty and just pop! Some of them are very unique, all of them beautiful. What?! No bugs or snakes in this Little Wonders Series Sony 🙂 I truly enjoy the Little Wonders Series, great idea!


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