When The Heat Is On, It’s Summertime And It’s Beautiful

Unlike in other parts of the world where summer occurs during the months of June to August, said season bumps on the more fun Philippines from March to May.

Summer is my favorite among the three seasons (the other two are rainy [from June to November] and cold [from December to February]) in the country not only because this is the perfect time to hit the beach and display my body 🤣 but because it implies a myriad of other beautiful things awaiting us like vacation and graduation for students, team building for those in the corporate world, harvest time for farmers, excursion for families, anticipation of the Holy Week, fun summer classes especially for kids, festivals like the crowd-pleasing Paraw Regatta in Mindanao, peak season of Butanding encounter, road trips for barkadas (group of friends), halo-halo craze, and so forth.

On the not-so-good side, March is fire prevention month. The scorching heat during this month explains why reports on fires rise fiercely so that all citizens are advised to be extra alert up to the rest of the season. Moreover, electricity bills boom severely. However it may be, it will not for sure stop the people from taking advantage of some, if not all, of the enjoyable things this season offers.

Given all other fun things to do when the heat is on, most people in the tropics hit the beach to get the pleasure of kissing the sands and plunging into the beguiling waters of the sea. They say summer is not complete without hitting the beach therefore we did as early as last month, February. Yes, the temperature did rise that early this year  and climate change has the answer to that. So, there is no better travel post for me this month than our family’s piece of the estival experience.

Thanks to my sister, Joylyn, for paving the way to realize this fun and long road trip/family bonding/fun filled activity to the town of rest and recreation in the province of Pangasinan: San Fabian.

Choosing where to go for swimming after the scrambling road trip was my humble sister’s call so it’s no surprise that she picked San Fabian Public Beach Resort.  A very simple place that is, considering it was a weekend, a bit crowded when we got there. Nonetheless, its neatness and simplicity made our family bonding worth it.

Here is the good news about the place: there is no charge if you just want to use the beach and you can even use the picnicking entrance to walk straight through the ocean. No wonder people still flock to the place even though the sands is not as white and beautiful as Boracay’s or Caramoan‘s. The powdery texture of it though is appealing enough. By the time we put our swimming clothes on, the waves of the sea were already waving at us, flaunting a fine and gentle vibe so it was just perfect for us to make way through it.

Seeing my family members happy while they were busy frolicking in the beach tripled the joy I felt that time. I could not help looking back in the day where a frivolous amusement like this is just an illusion–makes me break the tear duct. We were so financially challenged where the only thing we worked out for was bringing food on the table. I am not saying though that we are already in the chips now–just a lot better than before. This explains why this family excursion is really special for me. Unfortunately, there was only our mother because her better half was miles away, as well as our eldest sister, during that time.

There is a feel good factor to everything which is natural like the beach. No wonder we all felt so good after going for a swim, tranquilized after hearing the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, and calmed after watching the sunset.

On our way home, all of us kept saying we should really do this again.

Summertime is indeed full of beautiful things…Good times!

For more information (how to get to the place, where to stay, things to do, etc.) about San Fabian Public Beach Resort, please click this site: www.virtualtourist.com.

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  1. Thanks for the pingback! (I just found out what that is, thanks to you!) 🙂


  2. willofheart says:

    this is really an awesome experience, take a plunge to the beach with the family, I like the summer time also coz I am a beach lover , looking forward to go in any beach in town to enjoy the summer … Snaps are awesome…


  3. Thanks, it is cold and dry in Colorado, with not so much color at all. It is nice to be reminded of summer! Beautiful family!


  4. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book says:

    Must prepare the beaches! 🙂


  5. cocomino says:

    It’s a cool experience. In my neighborhood it’s still cold. I want to swim in the sea.


  6. Bama says:

    Looking at your family reminds me of the resemblance between Indonesians and Filipinos. Even though language-wise Malaysians are more closely related to Indonesians, but physical-wise Indonesians and Filipinos are definitely the same!


  7. Bonnie says:

    What a wonderful post. You have a beautiful family, it’s great to get out and enjoy a special day such as this. Looks as though the weather was perfect! Your pictures make the reader feel like they went on the journey with you and your family. You’re right, there’s something about the ocean that can bring about peace and tranquility like no other place can. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us, Sony! 🙂


  8. Great family pictures Sony! The slide show is really a nice touch. It sure looks like everyone is having a fun time. And the beach is beautiful. What a great place for some family bonding. I’ve always enjoyed road trips with family and friends. I think getting there is half the fun! Anyway, you sure have lots of precious memories to cherish. Thanks for sharing the fun. By the way, you have a beautiful family Sony. 🙂


  9. Northern Narratives says:

    A family trip to the beach – your photos are so wonderful – I look forward to our summer season.


  10. jakesprinter says:

    Beautiful post my friend 🙂


  11. Iñigo says:

    I love the beach! This one’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventure!


  12. suitablefish says:

    thanks for the dip in the ocean (26 degrees here in Idaho). nice pics, loved seeing photos of your family.


  13. Sony how great to see your family! Family time is wonderful and add the beach and ocean and, well it just doesn’t get much better. I know you would like a mountain to climb 🙂 What a beautiful beach! I am glad you are close to your summer vacation!


  14. rommel says:

    I love summer vacations in the Philippines. We always go to Zambales every year as a kid.
    Oh I miss it. Can’t wait when I get there next month. 😀

    The bouyancy of the water sure help your body with feeling strenous.


  15. munchow says:

    Summer is always fun, but I do enjoy all the various seasons, too. Seems like you had a great time. The pictures are quite lovely.


  16. willofheart says:

    Hi Sony I’m back I am tagging you for Just Fun, pls. follow the link at – http://willofheart.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/just-for-fun/… have fun… 😉


  17. i miss summer in pinas…hayzzz..


  18. wow naman.. family bonding.. bihira nmin gawin ito e, ako lang kasi ang mahilig sa lakwatsa..


  19. aRVee says:

    Wow, I love the beach and I love the pics. The header is perfect. So looking forward for our summer getaway. I just love summer… Great one my friend. Enjoy summer! 🙂


  20. aRVee says:

    I love the title “When The Heat is On, It’s Summertime and It’s Beautiful” – so summer-y… hahah


  21. What can be more fun than Summer in the Philippines. The beaches as always an ideal place for adventures and wonderful memories. The sunsets inspires the heart and the laughter comforts the soul. Beautiful images and narration, Bro. I wish you and your family the best of Summer. Be safe on your journey.


  22. markpere2010 says:

    Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to swim during the coming holy week vacation! Haha. But seriously, I think swimming’s detoxifying benefit may also be because it is a form of exercise. 🙂


  23. indiGo says:

    Thanks for the pingback. You’ve a great post. And you’ve got too many beautiful places on your side bar. Like I wanted to visit them all. Wonderful!


  24. Judy says:

    Thanks for the ping back! The story of your family gathering at the beach was wonderful! I had no idea the tropics were feeling the heat as early as Feb. Wow. Such a nice place to hit the beach…as San Fabian. Looks like you had a great time! I’ll have to come back and check out some of your other travels on your side bar too! Nice blog!


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