Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Through Earth And Sky

This photo is my favorite among the many ones I took from my recent climb at Tarak Ridge (which I consider as The Playground of Demigods and Nephilims)  in Bataan Province last 18 March 2012.

“The earth and sky brings energy from your spiritual source in the sky through you and into the earth, then brings energy from the earth through you into the sky ” (Dr. Synthia Andrews of thepathofenergy.com)”.

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64 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

    • Maggie, regarding the meditation, what I meant to say there is that our bodies act as conduit between earth and sky — which is deciphered by Mr. MJ Monaghan. Thanks for the beautiful words!


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      • It doesn’t look like there’s yummy food there but the place seems perfect to get the other bread of life, that can be obtained thru meditation and prayer. This must be the reason why we seek nature, we get refresh, calm and the laid back ambience makes one forget the maddening crowd. After all when we do that we are emulating our master for it says at Luke 6:12 “And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus went out into a mountain to pray”, your photo captured the beautiful colors of nature.


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  6. Like you sir, i also love hiking. It makes me feel I am just an inch away from God. I also blog my adventures so that I can share to everyone my experience – good or bad. Thanks


    • It’s comforting to know that you also love hiking more so knowing that it’s also your way of getting closer to God. I actually consider that as my ultimate way of communing with Him, with Nature. Whenever I’m at the summit, I always communicate with Him in a special way like thanking HIM for the beautiful views my eyes are feasting, the exhilarating joy while taking in the fresh air atop, for the stamina I have so that I can get to the summit, among other things. My summit moment isn’t complete without talking to HIM silently and such is invigorating (or to others, spiritual) for me.


      • yeah, and the best thing with that is when you’re at the summit and seeing the trail you’ve just passed, seeing how hard the obstacle you’ve just encompassed. Truly great! I’ve personally experienced that when I’m in Batulao just this month


  7. Beautiful photograph Sony. I like it a lot. This photograph is so colorful, bright and natural; just like a glimpse of a beautiful dream. Great job with this post. 🙂


    • Because I and the rest of my hiking buddies that day acted like we were like demigods with wings while crossing the steep ridges of the mountain and stepping on the stones that are right on the edges of those ridges. Something we forgot to be dangerous! I mean, we were somewhat reckless yet no one fell into the pit of perils. You’ll know more about it once my blog post for it comes out. Thanks a lot anyway!


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  10. It’s a lovely photo. The enhancement of the colours makes it almost into an abstract painting. The couple of straws in the foreground is really so important for the depth of the picture and to capture the viewers. The use of complementary colours of blue and yellow makes it pop out beautifully. Great work.


  11. The Earth and Sky look so beautiful. And the words, just as inspiring. You have a way to capture the good things around you. To bring light to others and make them feel hopeful of things. Bro, thank you. I wish you and your family all the best…


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