Little Wonders Series’ Sixth Episode

Mountaineering has always been special for me because of the array of flora and fauna, particularly the small ones, I see along the mountain trails. These little plants and animals awakened my keen interest in biology–the very reason why this Little Wonders’ Series surfaced on my blog.

For this episode, the featured photos were all taken during our climb last 18 March 2012 from the steep and craggy trails of Tarak Ridge or Mount Tarak in the province of Bataan. I can talk to animals…

“Little Wonders” are photos of small organisms from plant (and, at times, animal) kingdom which were all captured during my travels to different places particularly mountains in the Philippines. They are creatures that are often neglected yet each of them raises a striking beauty upon closer look. I still want to improve my photography skills so I’d be really happy to see comments and suggestions from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers on each of my posts for this series, especially pros in this craft.

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  1. AJ says:

    Thanks for reminding us to look more closely at the world around us! Truly full of so many awesome organisms!


  2. I love the first photo the most.. they are all nice 🙂
    How you holding up bud? have you settled in your new location? Hope you’re more at ease at your new surroundings 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      It’s really disarming to receive a compliment from excellent photographers like you. Anyway, I’m learning to cope. At this point, I can already say I’m settled to where I’m at now. The thought that I have to cope easily made all the difference. It’s like a mental conditioning. I have to hasten the period or never … Thanks, bud!

      Hearing/reading from you has been very comforting.


  3. I’m awed at the things around us – as long as they don’t bite me!


  4. cocomino says:

    Nice captured. They are small treasures in the forest.


  5. bluebee says:

    The variety of miniature critters is truly amazing – (although I wouldn’t want it crawling on me ;-))


  6. That beetle in your first three pictures is so beautiful.


  7. Excellent post. You made me jump like a little kid discovering the amazing, fascinating “Bug” world for the first time. Wow! I’ve never seen these bugs before. The first red one looks like it came from a enchanting land. It’s not a “Diwata’s” pet by chance? Thanks Bro for sharing with us your beautiful adventures and discoveries. Best wishes to you and your family.


  8. eof737 says:

    Well, good to see you again. I’ve been wondering where you were… Great photos! 🙂


  9. Bro, I don’t know if you still have time for another image challenge but you are one of those who have the most amazing collection of photos with words that melts anyone’s heart. Finally , I get to do something that I like , something more personal to me. Have a blessed day.


  10. super like the bug. Hey, I haven’t seen you visit my blog. Hope you’re doing okay.


  11. small bugs of wonder carrying smaller bugs and the smaller bugs carrying microscopic bugs and so on……. Glad to hear you are settled adapting well.


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