Snapshots Through The Window

One of the things that I recently love doing whenever I go places here in Riyadh is to take snapshots through the window. Capturing the beautiful parts of the city makes me love the place all the more. That is, by taking snapshots, which is the right thing to do so to say as taking photographs here is not really welcomed. This is the reason why I need to make the most of what I can capture through the car’s window.

It feels amazing to capture images without much thinking. There’s a certain beauty that only comes out from snapshots. I hope you can see the same through the photos.

“If a more or less random snapshot is like an infinitely fine scale that has been scratched from the surface of reality with the tip of a finger, then in comparison the photoseries or photomontage lets us experience the extended massiveness of reality, its authentic meaning. We build systematically. We must also photograph systematically. Sequence and long-term photographic observation–that is the method” (Segei Tretyakov, 1931).

PS: Nokia Asha 302 and Agfa Photo Eclipse Explorer


11 thoughts on “Snapshots Through The Window

  1. Thank you for linking to my post! I really like the snapshots here. Particularly the colors. I hope to see more, will look at it more extensively soon. Be Well!


  2. Your photos reminds me of stories from the Bible. So this is now the very place where the Israelites wander around. Looking at the pictures I can just say, truly it’s a miracle to find food everyday in that desert, food called “manna”. Food made in heaven that comes down to earth like a shower to be delivered specifically in that desert, to feed the millions of slaves that escaped from Egypt led by Moses under the direction of heaven for a purpose. Who would have thought then that there’s liquid gold called petroleum in that place. Thanks for sharing your photos.


  3. Hi Sonny, i had been away from the blogosphere for the last eight months that i am really out of touch. Your pctures in riyadh are very nice. However, i am wondering if this is just a tour on your part or are you going to be there for a couple of years? Cheers as always!


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