Creating Something Beautiful Out Of The Mundane

My friends and I visited one of Almarai Company’s depots down south Riyadh last 16 August 2012 for the sake of plain wandering; to have a different kind of weekend. We were privileged to be given a gate pass embedded with free board and lodging a week before the trip so giving in to the invite was facile.

I’m well aware that the luxurious verdure from the tropics is just but a rarity for my optical organs nowadays more so in the place we were to reach. So on our way to the depot, I used every muscle of my brain not to mention supplicating to the God of Logic to create something visually beautiful out of the banal surroundings awaiting us.

After an hour and a half drive from Riyadh City, my wandering feet landed to the place. That was a Thursday. As expected, other than the few lawns, there are just but warehouses and accommodations, readily dispersed to the eyes. I thought bringing something beautiful back from this trip was harder. Hardest was the right word.

I then roamed around in high hopes of finding the things I wanted to freeze through my camera. Also, to feed my hungry eyes. I believe it is healthy to feed them with awesome sites–something other than the four corners of the office and the computer. I looked around. I failed to see them. So I paused and remembered something in the back of my mind. “If you can’t see the things you want to see, create them.” It was there that I realized, indeed, what we want to see are not always readily fed to the eyes. Sometimes, the eyes have to find its way through them. So I did, and I was astounded with what I created out of the hopeless place. It was certainly not love like in that song but beautiful, simple things.

I never knew an ordinary lawn can look as good as the one in the photo. Thanks to the help of the mighty sun for providing the right lighting and for the phony subjects in red, which made the view more interesting and dynamic.

The Verdant Lawn

A pavement is an ordinary thing but employing geometry, the rule of thirds, and simplicity into it, yields an extraordinary outcome. An outcome that you are likely to chase, even it leads nowhere.

The  Ordinary Pavement

A couple of hours after, it was already dusking. This is the only time the next beauty comes out. A beauty that doesn’t require a picture taker to be exceptionally good or that he should have a super camera to make her look more beautiful than she already is: the Sunset.

The  Calming Sunset

Before going to bed that night, I decided to drink a cup of coffee. On my way to the mess hall, I happened to see this angle on the corridor. I’m talking about the next picture that also puts me in awe each time I look at it.

The  Proportionate Hallway

In the morning before we waved adieu to the depot, we passed by another grassplot with palm trees on it.

The Sprinkled Water

That’s not really what the eyes and lens caught though; it’s the water being sprinkled on the plants.  The water in this literal form is something underrated. Looking at it really pulls me to play, feel like a kid, and wallow in the tiny bits of this element. I can’t help but feel refreshed as I imagine myself mincing each of the calls.

So always remember, there are beautiful things even in the most ordinary places. If you can’ t find them, create them.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust).

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28 thoughts on “Creating Something Beautiful Out Of The Mundane

  1. Thank you for putting a link to my blog on your post, which is very interesting with amazing pictures. I agree with you, there is beauty all around us, we just have to open our eyes!


  2. HEY AWESOME ! Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing ! Love the pictures and words here. Shall share back if thats okay…. fabulous work


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  4. Where ever your wandering feet takes you or where ever destiny leads you, you feel always find comfort that you have a family back home that have you in their thoughts and heart. Beautiful images, peaceful but I can sense a bit of longing in them. The first two weeks I left the country, even with my wife around, I still missed both the beauty and the craziness of the tropics. As looked at the image of the palm trees…kind of reminded of what it felt like to walk by the beach…watching coconut trees sway in unison. God bless you and your family.


  5. At first I interestingly read the first three paragraphs to find out how you were able to go to Riyadh. But when I saw your photos “once again” (because it is quite a long time since the last time I browsed your blog) I can’t help to check out the pictures first than reading the descriptions. hehehe.

    It is very unusual for me to see such unique angles from you sir. I admire those new lenses you possess. It’s amazing!


  6. Out of my breath … WOW! Awesome images you took, Sony. Highly impressive, very creative.
    Er…. what’s up with the military dates and hours? Ahihihihi 😉


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