The Flowers, The Greens, and The Bees

A few meters away from our office in the capital city’s Exit 7, there is this nursery called “Distinct Agricultural Ways Establishment” where passersby will surely throw a second look at the vibrant colors of various blossoms and plants displayed for sale. I had always wanted to take pictures of these wonders but because of my colleagues’ warning that it is prohibited, I refrained. From then on, I became content with what my eyes can catch each time our shuttle passes by the place.

One day, the thought of knowing at first hand the truth to that warning crossed my mind. It took almost seven months to realize it or only on 02 November 2012.  Winter has only started in the first week of this month so there is no better way to welcome it than going to the nursery in the morning of that day by jogging.

After fifteen minutes of leisurely running from our lodging, I reached the place. The sunshine was already all over the place; I cannot help myself getting a visual feel of the flowers and plants. Thereupon, the florist and his assistant approached me. The first thing I blurted out was, “How much is that cactus in a tiny pot?” The assistant smilingly answered, “One riyal.” Without hesitation, I told him I am going to buy it. And then I followed it with the big question: “Sadik, can I freely take pictures of the flowers and plants?” The florist immediately enthused, “Yes, of course. You can take pictures of everything you see around–freely!” Well, I must say No Guts No Flowers.

This short visit to the nursery taught me one important lesson: Flowers are not only great reminders of how colorful the world is, they can also magically transform ordinary places into paradise.


At this very space, let me give kudos to the bees (for their unparalleled role at keeping flowers safe from the threat of extinction); the greens (for holding the blooms starting from their blossoming days to their glory days until their withering days); and, of course, the Egyptian florists, Messrs. Hossam and Khider (for their persevering labor and attention to ensure that this little paradise pushes on no matter what).

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! A breath of fresh air indeed!


  2. cocomino says:

    What a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    It looks as though you captured nearly every flower in the nursery… wonderful post.. love all the colours…


  4. Iñigo says:

    All beautiful, Kuya Sony!


  5. Paula says:

    Flowers are here to make us happy 🙂


  6. So nice to see flowers Sony! We are just getting into winter here in Missouri and everything is bare. Trees and shrubs. No flowers. You have a colorful collection of flowers and GREEN to make me smile. Great for the challenge!


  7. oh that is a blooming good post


  8. Bro, once again you showed your inspiring passions in life. That you see the beauty and goodness in things and people. The photos are beautiful and reflects these words, “Flowers are not only great reminders of how colorful the world is, they can also magically transform ordinary places into paradise.” Wherever fate brings you, the heart of the “Wandering Feet” follows. God bless you and your family.


  9. Northern Narratives says:

    I’m glad you found all these beautiful flowers.


  10. rommel says:

    Your pictures are getting better and better, Sony! Not that your previous haven’t. Seriously, it’s a lot clear and crisp. Really perfect for your subjects here. And yeah, thanks to nature, …. and the bees. 😉


  11. You have a wonderful way of appreciating the finer things in life Sony! I love your photos and words. They complement each other beautifully. Mother Nature has blessed us with so much breathtaking beauty. I can see that you are passionate about taking time to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! Very soothing to the soul I must say. 🙂


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