How I Broke My Tear Duct This Time Of The Year

A few months ago, the central figure of this narrative braved the far side of the planet to pasture his cattle in the hope for a more verdant herbage. Before caging the tough decision, he already anticipated the impending sacrifices tied to it. And after only a short period, he was able to get past the adjustments he had to endure in order to reshape for the new world. All of those were bearable but there is just one that is cruelly thwarting: how to run for cover from Noel who is now all over the place. Yes, he did successfully elude his debut almost a month ago but with Jack Frost coming to his aid by now, there is no stopping him in casting a lulling spell to the whole population that joined the Filipino Diaspora decades ago. Still, he was decided to hide from Noel’s threatening, stalwart scratch no matter what…Time after time, our protagonist was successful but just as the cliché goes, everything has a period.


One calm night, he went out to get a glimpse of the city streets—one of the habits he developed for coping with the blues. What greeted him upon opening the main door were the claws of the floating beast notorious this time of the year. It was unfortunate that its feasting paws are currently so into the Middle East of Greenwich Meridian. He fought hard enough to subdue the powerful creature. He employed every technique he learned from the training grounds not to mention his Sharingan ability—but to no avail. He was trapped inside the sharp claws of the beast in a single strike. His somewhat fugitive escape took that period when he finally clung to the cold paws. The former’s carapace turned numb; defenseless. The beast’s bug already penetrated his cranium by the time he regained consciousness.


The following day, he peregrinated to the sweat shop for the purpose of recharging from last night’s brawl. Just before he reached the place, he move past the grazing palazzo where he happened to hear The Dodger singing a white song, while weeping half-jokingly—an indication that he made it on the list of Noel’s possible victims. Curious with what was going on, he checked on him. While inside, he offered The Dodger a chit chat for some comfort under the roof of this symbiotic relationship called mutualism. The exchange of thoughts inflated their blue balloons all the more. As they get deeper to their zigzagging prattles; the more they laughed; the more their hearts bemoan for the bean’s hug.


The peak of the winter solstice is around the corner. As the people in the tropics dance to the hugging air of the beast, most people at the far side continue to scream for succor. Thank you to Mr. Albom for his lecture on detachment, which he just recalled. He is now smiling; salivating for the view of the blue skies waiting tomorrow and for the sun rising over the horizon. He is certain that the air beast will  soon be induced over the ocean as his counterpart will lead the heat and water vapor rushing back to the Far East. By that time, the grass will be greener and the beach will be booked solid once again.

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  1. beth says:

    Just like you, my husband was also devoured by that beast before. But God is good. He sent us here to be with him so that beast will never appear again. Just as it is written in Ecclesiastes 3: To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven…A time to weep and a time to laugh…

    Just pray and know that God will take care of you and your family. Cheer up and have a blessed New Year!


  2. Tatay Joni says:

    When there’s ACCEPTANCE, there’s ENDURANCE; when there’s the latter, there’s HOPE.
    (the other way) HOPE–> ENDURANCE–> ACCEPTANCE
    people who accepts PAIN enjoys more the THRILL of the coming JOY.
    (turning pain to thrill)

    Sony I am lost, anyway
    “Comment is Free, but Not Necessarily Sensible, hehehe”


  3. hi Sony,
    your metaphors are beautiful expressions of pain and loneliness which you endured but i am hoping you have conquered … may you always find solace in the Lord who is always by your side and awaits you to call on HIM every time.

    you are blessed with a gift, looking forward to reading more of your written works 🙂


  4. Bashar A. says:

    Nicely written… very impressed 🙂


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