photoLast 18 December 2012, I received an email from Ms. Alison Morris of Education Database Online. She wrote that she stumbled upon my blog post titled “No Plastic Bags Policy” so she initiated prompting me to partake in this valuable product of their organization’s efforts on saving the earth:  infographic on plastic recycling.

It is a shame that I only heeded to that call today, 14 January 2013. But before anything else, allow me to give respect to that infographic by throwing in a  few words.

When I got to the Middle East last April 2012, the very first two big plastic bottles  I bought were two liters of pineapple juice and a liter of mineral water. Soon, both bottles became empty and just when I was about to dip them in the trash bin, my conscience spanked me. A puissant voice uttering “recycle” entered my ears. It was there that I created my handleless water dipper/bear and toothbrush glass. 

I used to hesitate in baring my minuscule acts towards the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Campaign but, this time, I believe it is a worthy cause. I could not be more proud to know I am doing something for that push. My breath will keep on pushing as long as I see people throwing plastic garbage mindlessly. 

And to boost my support for said campaign, I am now sharing with you the infographic I was talking about. Please, read on.


No matter what, recycling is worth the effort.

Make a difference–now!

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  1. freeclimbers says:

    wow thanks for the reminder! 😀 you are indeed an eco warrior of the modern world. Someday, your efforts will pay off


  2. Bashar A. says:

    You’re an amazing person… great cause 🙂


  3. Super informative and thought provoking ….. thanks


  4. petchary says:

    Greetings from Kingston, Jamaica and thanks so much for sharing my link! As a small and fragile environment we need everyone to get personally involved in protecting it. That’s important everywhere, I think! I will be writing more on environmental issues in the next week or two, so please keep reading!


  5. Great post Sony, Recycle and reuse is truly a great help to reduce the plastic consumption, thanks for bringing out this issue, There are cities and provinces here in our country already pursuing the recycle and reuse program in fact more and more are using paper bag for their groceries.


  6. Thanks for sharing this post Bro. People need to be aware of the impact we do on nature. We need to do everything we can to preserve what’s left of mother nature. Responsibility and change starts with us. Congratulations on the new baby. That is a priceless gift from God. Cherish each moment you have with them. I know by heart how short 1 month vacation is. Wishing you and your famil all the best in life.


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