Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

The moment I read the Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme today, what came to mind in a flash is my ever lofty concubine.

I had an almost unbreakable plan to see her during my vacation last March to April this year but something more adamant came up that winnowed every grain of that plan. I mollified my yearning by moseying along the nearby hill in our place instead. Anyway, the almost ambrosial verdure in the photo is not from that hill but the last mountain I travailed a year ago.

Tarak Ridge, Mariveles, Bataan

A glimpse of the The Playground of Demigods and Nephilims (The Next Blog Post)

Until now, the overpowering joy I luxuriated in on that day still evokes every molecule of my wandering feet’s libido.

Nostalgia knocks on my door each time I think of the peaks, the cliffs, the nourishing air of the spiring trees, the intense perspiration, the blue skies, the clouds, and other heart-stirring views atop my lofty concubine. I will be with you again I promise–soon.


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