Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unsual POV

Makati City, Philippines

I took this photo last 23 February 2012 while I was making the most of coffee break at my boss’ room in the Office of the Solicitor General’s building. Behind her table is a big glass window that lets you see the view outside crystal clear in broad daylight.  I had always enjoyed looking at the blue sky as well as the nearby and distant skyscrapers through that transparent oriel.

For this photo, I used approach number 3. I focused on the specific parts of the structure and the other subject and intentionally cut off parts of the whole picture.

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  1. Approach number 3? What’s approach #1 and 2?


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      1. Use something natural (window, tree, wall of a building, etc.) to frame your shot.

      2.Get low on the ground to take a picture from a very different angle.


  2. Spectacular view. Looks like your having an amazing time in your work place. That is truly important. God bless to you and your family.


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