Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


This photo was snapped through the car’s window a week ago whitherward at the Cobra Amusement Park. This intersection along Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road marks the entrance to an exclusive subdivision–forming a community that obviously belongs to the higher echelon of society.

I am giving you a glimpse of I and my friends’ weekend excursions last 06–07 December 2013 to the Eastern Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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  1. Paula says:

    I hope you were not driving ;). It’s a great photo Sony 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      I wasn’t driving. I was just a passenger that time.

      Thanks and apologies for the delayed reply. I am getting busier each week as the year end approaches.


      1. Paula says:

        Don’t worry about that Sony 😉 I meant to ask you to give me a clue about u tube downloader… again


  2. cocomino says:

    Thanks for sharing your community It looks nice 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      I wish I am from that part of Saudi Arabia, cocomino. I only passed by the area. I live in the capital city.


  3. Zen says:

    Nice flowers. 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Thank you very much, Zen, for the kind words! It is much appreciated.


      1. Zen says:

        You’re welcome. 🙂


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