Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The scene that comes to mind whenever I hear the word “spring” is the primary wonders of nature coming back to life heralding transformation and hope.

The freezing temperature that made our bodies dormant for the past few months is now arid and clime. The leaves we saw falling are now turning virescent. The flowers we saw wilting are now efflorescing. Simultaneous with these changes is the transformation of our lives. We are slowly picking up the slack that winter brought. No more luxuriating in the boobtube. Only perfect time to gather the pack and head on to some adventures–the physically demanding ones.

Lucky to have captured one of spring’s best flower species in the nearby nursery recently in Exit 7, Riyadh City. Their mesmerizing geometry and exquisite color are really feats to feast on.

photo 1

So get up and let the blooms remind you that this season is a season of being active, of embracing and adapting to the changes that nature gives, and of creating positive outcomes for our health.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nandini says:

    Very beautiful! 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Thanks a bunch, Nandini!


  2. Beautiful, refreshing blooms of Spring. All the best to you and your family.


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      All the best of the season to you and your wonderful family too, bro.

      Thank you so much!


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