CamSur Watersports Complex And Its Eco-Village

More than a month ago, I spent my second vacation (February 20-March 24, 2014) in Pili, Camarines Sur, and part of my supposed travel itinerary was to  to take a bath at Tinandayagan Falls in Libmanan and visit the first ever tropical Strawberry Farm in the south at Ocampo. However, the ever powerful intruder called budgetary constraints got in the way so I resorted to the more economical plan: to watch the first extreme sport I tried at the very popular cable park in the nearby town and to take a breath of fresh air at the ecovillage adjacent to the former. (In case you want to check the story out, please read this: “My Chunk of Extreme Sports at the Best Cable Park in the World“.) Both activities are possible with only a hundred pesos at hand.

In the middle of the hot yet gloomy summer day of 22 March 2014, I zoomed off once again to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili’s Provincial Capitol Complex in Cadlan. (This is actually my seventh time doing this since 2007.) I was surprised to see just a few people around. CWC has always been a crowded place.  Well, classes were still ongoing and company outings were not yet overflowing that time. At this point though, I am sure CWC is now teeming with visitors, waterskiers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders, and cable skiers until the end of May.


I was lucky to catch three Australian wakeboarders, who are obviously professionals, when I was nearing the man-made lake where the cable park was erected. Once again, I spent an hour in awe watching their mesmerizing blindside spins, which are unfortunately tough to capture subjects, among other tricks. Witnessing something so different from what I regularly see such as this always gives me an exquisite form of entertainment. The lofty Mt. Isarog behind me was my witness to the awesomeness of this extreme sport.


At exactly 3:00 PM, I stood from my seat at the elevated spectator area to distance myself from the gregarious crowd and to do the next activity on my itinerary.

I wandered around the facility in reverence before I traveled the three kilometer distance of the eco-village nestled within the outskirts of the complex from the cable park, on foot. The ramps, obstacle courses, beach volleyball court, and, of course, the Clubhouse where I had my snack, laid out along the area are still something to lay eyes on.

Before I forget, what I am about to say is good news for my fellow netizens. This cable park now boasts Wi-Fi capability that enables guests to break free from the bustles of urban life yet remain connected to the social necessities of the modern world. You would not be “missed out” there.


A few minutes later, I got to the park that is gated with tall trees and guarded with a 20-peso entrance fee. The entrance is not so inviting from a nature lover’s point of view. However, once I got inside, I felt like I was suddenly pasted to a page of a fairy tale book. What is more interesting is that there are already numerous species of foreign birds flocking the place. Had I carried a super camera I would have captured a thing or two.


CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) is defined by the province’s various tourism websites as a perfect harmony of modernity and natural splendor. I would like to add that CWC as a whole is now my most accessible place of respite.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. jakesprinter says:

    What a great place to relax Sony…Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Thanks, Jake. Btw, I recently read that the ecovillage is not as okay as before. There were not so good reviews about it so to speak. I just hope the CWC management has already taken the issue into consideration.


  2. Fun, fun, fun! Anywhere close to the water feels like time stood still and everything all great and amazing. Thanks for the awesome adventure!


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Now I know why I am really drown to like the waters. Thanks for the reminding me, bro.


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