The Joy Of Summer

In the sunny morning of 02 April 2013, two vans sped along the quiet roads in Albay. These are the only roads that give tourists a privilege to snap decent pictures of the majestic Mayon Volcano. After the vehicles past a cradle that covers the long stretch of beach in the bucolic and charming town of Bacacay a few minutes later, they stopped.

Mayon Volcano

My loved ones, together with some relatives, and I were osculated by the ocean breeze upon debarking.

Cerulean Ocean

Slowly, the fine debris of molten rocks shook by time into minuscule black quartz on the tip of the Pacific Ocean ushered us to Viento de Mar Beach Resort.

Black Sand Beach

As the welkin dispersed the cotton clouds to bare its ethereal blueness, my optical organs surrendered to the placid surrounding of this rising black sand beach, made primarily from the natural erosion of volcanic rocks. One doesn’t need to fly to that place famous for this kind of attraction in Hawaii as you can just head straight to Bacacay where jet-black sand beaches are swarming.

My visit to this place is one of those countable travels that I didn’t use my camera much. I considered it a rare opportunity to just savor the revolution of time with “them”. Instead, I only gave focus on the things I want to remember about this special moment.

The four of us later clowned around tirelessly for hours on the well scythed sward—playing tagging. Suddenly, the scent of her midday sweat came lingering on me; it still brings that exotic sweet smell into my nares. The seemingly unending laughter of the two little boys while I was chasing them still brings music to my ears. Watching the sun give life to the entirety of the place and reminiscing the chilling days of making promises together evokes that incomparable longing for summer. On the other side of the coin, espying other families merrily preoccupied with making the most of that day still reminds me of the good old days we never had. This is why I now do this kind of trip for them.

There was this point where I caught a sight of a mother and daughter cooing together in a day hut a few meters away from where I was sitting. In conjunction with hearing the wind blowing in my ephemeral solace is seeing the smiles of the two. Their smiles were like whirlpools that got me drowned at once, when the kid struck me with this Kodak moment.

Mother and Daughter

The joy radiating from them was just too riveting to ignore that I gave these two beautiful souls an oeillade. It dawned on me at that very instance that the joy we get from our children’s smiles never fades.  I saw the same in the two little boys beside me.

The Greens

At this juncture, I’m still in a place where winter is indomitable so I can’t help but just drivel in the thought of enjoying the estival fete in the tropics soon. The furlough’s bridge is looming. Right now, the vivid memories of that one fine summer day almost a year ago still keeps me excited. Memories that were snapped by my eyes and kept in my mind to serve as pelages in times where apricity is very much missed. Memories made from the redolence of green grasses, sturdy trees, black sands, fine clouds, sea breeze, blue sky, cerulean ocean, and the mighty sun. Memories that summon me to wake up with a smile on my face knowing that I will soon be reunited with them to redefine this story. I wouldn’t see myself holding my camera more by that time but my three precious. That is because I realized that, sometimes, picturing a special moment through the head makes the sound of the recollection more metaphoric and profound.

The Sea Breeze

Blog Carnival BadgeThis is my most joyous memory of summer so far. A summer trip well spent at Viento de Mar Beach Resort, with the three of the most important persons in my life. I have always been a summer person because summer is just the way to go. An opportunity for me to be reunited with loved ones to go out and play, swim in the beach, climb mountains and hills, camp, take vibrant pictures, and a whole heap more. There’s absolutely no lack of options for activities with summer.

This post is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for May 2014 titled “Luzon Lavapalooza”, hosted by Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista.

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23 thoughts on “The Joy Of Summer

  1. Such a beautifully-written recollection of your summer trip, Sonny! I love that photo of Mayon — in fact I planned to go there early this year but decided to postpone it.


    • Thanks, Bama. I’m so happy to hear from you. Anyway, I hope you will get to visit Mayon anytime soon. If you plan to hike it too, you better prepare yourself for some serious backbreaking trails.

      I know you can manage. 🙂


  2. Beautiful images, incredible, incredible writing. Actually even without the pictures, your words are detailed, elaborate and awesome enough for the readers to imagine and really feel the things you saw and did. Very well written piece, Sony.


  3. Bro, that is one unforgettable Summer. Even more inspiring is how you tried savoring, capturing, remembering each joy of Summer. A post that reminds us why the islands back home will always be alive whereever we are. All the best to you and your family.


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