Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

There is one place here in Riyadh that I am dying to see. I am talking about Salam Park, which is parallel to the Rule Palace on the South bordering King Fahad Road on the West and Tariq bin Ziad Road on the North, Salam Road on the East and Aseer Road on the South.

What is striking about the park is the lake in it. The lake has a total area of 33 thousand square-meters and is divided into two zones. One is assigned for boating and the other represents natural life that is expected to attract local and migratory birds. Lastly, it is accentuated by a pythonic fountain, which is pretty visible on the skyway in the area.


The place was a remnant of date palms and is now composed of different environments. Several measures and precautions were taken to ensure the continuous movement of lake water in order to prevent insect and mosquito growth. These measures include pumps to create continuous water current and plantations that limit the growth of bryophytes.

The hard part of this story is, I will never be able to see the place in full unless I bring my family here. It goes without saying the entrance is only for families. This is why I just catch a split-second memento of the place each time I pass by the area. I do that either by feasting on the view of the lake or snapping the same whenever there is a chance.

(Reference: arriyadh.com)

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

    • Hi, Beth. I’ve been to Wadi Hanifah last May 9 (this year). The write-up is in the works. Had a great time. I’ll be checking the other one when there is a chance.

      Thanks for the recommendation.


  1. Hi, place seems wonderful, I have actually heard from a few people who have been there (they went boating, to a fun park, restaurtants etc). They went with their families but I was wondering why that restriction is in place?


    • The restriction is also something I am quite puzzled about. One thing is for sure, there are places here that are exclusive for families. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.


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