A New Place To Treasure: Cararayan, Naga City


18 thoughts on “A New Place To Treasure: Cararayan, Naga City

  1. This looks like such a beautiful place to live, and I think you made the right call for your family. As you said, blue skies, fresh air, and close in proximity to the downtown district. Far away enough to get some peace and quiet and appreciate nature, yet near enough to somewhere so as to get a feel of civilisation and the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

    I am sure the locals perceived you as a nice person when you strolled around. Can’t imagine you actually being a burglar or robber – even if you did visit every house in the vicinity, I am sure you would be a polite and maybe even offer a gift of sorts (maybe it’s just me, but that is what my parents taught me when I was a kid – to bring gifts for others when visiting their house).

    I remember moving back to Australia was intimidating for me. I knew no one here, had no friends and I experienced culture shock. It was odd to me that shops in Australia closed so early compared to Malaysia and Singapore, and the weather and food was not what I was used to. So was the Australian accent. But after a while, I got used to it. Like any place we go to, often we try to adapt and come to see the beauty in that place and in the people there. It’s not always about fitting in, but understanding, appreciating and learning. And then maybe living it for ourselves.

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    • Hi, Mabel. Your comment lead me to thinking, we, as travelers, are actually adaptable to new environments not to mention places. Probably because we are the type who embraces change and diversity in our lives.

      Your pictures tells a lot about what we have in common. The most obvious is our connection with nature. That’s the reason why I was able to welcome the new place easily. Nature’s touch is persuasive I must say.

      I suddenly remember my boss, who’s British, telling me that shops in the UK are also closing very early in the evening. 8:00 pm?

      Have a good weekend!


      • My dad used to live in the UK, and at one point I remember him saying shops there do close early. So your boss is pretty much spot on.

        To be honest, I find adapting to a different place hard. But a lot of the time, it happens over time (be it a couple of days or years) and I don’t notice it 😀

        Enjoy yourself this weekend, Sony.


      • You don’t seem like you find adapting to a different place hard. Probably because I thought someone as smart as you should but it turns out to be not the case. People have different coping mechanisms when it comes to adjustment process I would say.

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