In The Works: A Photobook for My Best Travel Photos

It is every traveller’s dream to have that one photo album highlighting his best travel memories.


A friend on Facebook recently introduced me this idea by way of his photo collage, linked to Photobook Worldwide’s website, posted on his timeline. I was immediately attracted to the idea of weaving the special moments made during my many journeys into a picture album. Capturing treasured experiences that made quite an impact on my life as a person and a traveler in a photo book.

While the traditional photo album—which makes us view our collection of photos manually attached to a page by the use of adhesives—and digital photo album stored in a flash drive, memory card, hard drive, or in your very own cell phone speak for being practical and economical, seeing our beautiful photos of treasured memories on a glossy print is a unique fulfillment.

There is more to that photobook than meets the eye. Think sleek design, special photo effects, custom text, “trendiness” factor, and other aesthetically pleasing features. Photobook Philippines (and their head site, Photobook Worldwide) offers an incredibly varied selection of different Photo book types and other photo based products, all of which are fully personalisable. They got standard binding, which is a far cry from that binder-like book that looks bulky, and even a lay flat binding option, which lets you show off your pictures in full panoramic length. It is also far easier to display the pages considering its space-savvy design.

On the flip side, photobook worldwide can go from my kind of project (photobook for travel photos) to “wedding books, engagement albums, books of trips and one full of family pictures, to personal portfolios and corporate books” as gotten from their site. Other products include Flush Mount Albums, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Notebooks, and various Photo Gifts.

They also have this easy and intuitive Photobook editor software called the Photobook Designer. There is an online version as well as a downloadable offline version, both of which are totally free. It is designed to make book designing easier and you could even use various ready-made book templates consisting of (also free!) creative designs which you can use for different themes and occasions. This gives you a huge head start in designing your photo albums.

Visit the website,, to find out more about their plethora of services.

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