Raise Your Glass … Of Coffee!

I hated coffee when I was younger. Every time I drank coffee, an unbearable headache kicked in. It was only when I stopped drinking it that the headache disappeared. That was sophomore in high school.

A decade later, I set foot on the challenging corporate world where I got to work as an assistant to a lawyer. She’s stunning, very kind, tough, and exceptionally smart. Stressful times only crept in if I was juggling between school deadlines and work’s. I was a part-time instructor.


One day, I was in the middle of a very stressful situation; I needed to pause. Then my feet dragged me to the kitchenette where I smelled the hypnotizing aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. I had forgotten about the younger days. The first thing  I wanted to do upon looking at the decanter was to fill up my mug. My kind of office break got tied to that scene since.

Coffee time in the corporate world is a given. It helps us make it through the hard days, like a friend. At present, I still see it that way. It even penetrated my personal routine. What I want upon waking up other than sending morning greetings to special people back home is a cup of coffee. I never really drank this much to the point that I usually catch myself in a coffee shop when I need to get something off my chest or to spend an alone time.


One of the best lessons that the mountains taught me during my climbing days was we cannot grow at a soul level without solitude. We should see being alone as a gift because it enables us to transform moments of loneliness into moments of awareness. That we are truly never alone. Thank God I get to seek solitude every once in a while.

Recently, I was again in that kind of moment when the best companies I had were a cup of coffee and silence from the familiar. How comforting it was to sit by myself like a solitary bottlenose dolphin thrusting its fluke into the ocean. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a cup of coffee this way.


That said, sipping a cup of coffee with friends sure gives a different pleasure. After all, the best things to douse a night with are a cup of coffee and a real conversation. Don’t you just love looking forward to going home spending time with family or friends, meeting any one of them for a coffee?

Lucky me! Java Time, Starbucks, and dr. Cafe are accessible to me. Now, I have all the reasons to celebrate the wonder that is coffee. It’s the perfect time to think about all of the times when coffee, like traveling, somehow became the answer in some of my life’s challenging moments, which typically take place when the rest of the world dozes off.

Now I’m raising my glass … of coffee for a friend that’s always there!

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28 thoughts on “Raise Your Glass … Of Coffee!

  1. Very nice to hear you have a comfort go-to drink. A pick me up in the mornings and also when you need time away from the rush of the working world. I wish I could drink coffee. I like the smell and taste but each time I drink coffee, it gives me the shakes, shivers and headaches, even if I drink a couple of mouthfuls. While some like you use coffee as motivation to get out of bed, I don’t have that and rely on just a glass of water. Really, I am not a huge fan of many drinks and with most meals I like to drink plain water.

    “we cannot grow at a soul level without solitude” So well said. When we are alone, we get the chance to reflect on our individual behaviours and choices and basically get to know what makes us take – without anyone telling us what to do and where to be. And we can simply relax without needing to entertain others. While company with others can help us see different perspectives and grow too, company by ourselves is usually the time when we are most honest with ourselves.

    Love that shot of your coffee and cake. It would be an honour to share some cake with you over conversation one day. I’d probably be star-struck meeting such a down-to-earth, kind and deep-thinking blogger. Cheers, Sony 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I would love to share it with you. I’m sure an almost endless conversation ensues.

      You have perfectly put into words what I wanted to say about the beauty of solitude. That is, “When we are alone, we get the chance to reflect on our individual behaviours and choices and basically get to know what makes us take – without anyone telling us what to do and where to be. And we can simply relax without needing to entertain others.” I couldn’t say it any better.

      Cheers, Mabel!

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  2. I never really liked coffee (still don’t) but I know the satisfaction it gives to people. That’s me with my tea. And I agree with you about solitude. Everyday, I make it a point I get “alone time”. I’m not an introvert but I do love my company, and the thoughts I think up when I’m by myself are amazing (haha!). Glad to see you back blogging!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Looks like we’re on the same page as well when it comes to solitude. I am so comforted, Boots.

      I could not wait to see your photos from your next trip. Seems like I am more excited than you. 🙂


      • Haha!! You’re too funny. I’m curious how I would feel without my family for two weeks. And also now without my dog since we just got one! 😜


      • Thanks Sony! With my son going to college thousands of miles away from us, life is changing and I need to be ready for these changes. The solitude will give me time to meditate and realize the important things in my life. For sure!
        Have a good week, Sony! Keep blogging!


      • You too, Boots. Have a good one.


        I’ve just seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last night and can’t help thinking of Toula. I suddenly saw you in her. But I hope not. I mean not that worse? 😉


      • Hi Sony! I just saw the movie. I’m curious why Toula reminds you of me? Is it because you can feel my sadness that I’ll be a half empty nester soon? Unlike Toula, I still have an 11 year old left and all my attention is going to be devoted on him and that makes him nervous haha!


      • Because you’re like her in a lot of ways most especially being protective to your son. Yes, you still have him but soon…you’ll have to be in Toula’s shoes one way or the other. Hope I didn’t hit a nerve there, Boots. Good vibes. I wish I had a mother like you during my teenage years.


      • No worries, Sony! You didn’t at all. Thank you for the compliment. I do try to be a good mom to both and always encourage them to reach their full potential. My older son gets it but I still have to work harder on the second ☺️
        Not sure about your relationship with your own mom but I think you have turned out to be a phenomenal person!


      • Oh…my mom is fine rbut you just exude something I pictured her to be back in the day. Now that I’m a parent too, I realized how great she is. It took time before I truly appreciated her greatness. I also learned to love her more and more ever since. Better late than never, right?


      • Oh thanks Sony! What a compliment to be compared to your mom. We all, unfortunately, make that mistake about our parents. That’s because we go through the stage of stubbornness. But at least we realize it and that’s what’s important.


    • Tea seems to be as most utilized as coffee. My apologies for putting it that way. I know there should be a poetic line that comes with it but cannot find the right words at the moment. You know what I mean. I would like to think that it is just that is how you feel about tea.

      Thank you so much, Issy. Your presence here brightened my day.

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  3. I love coffee too, the instant variety though. I love discovering new blends/infusion of tea from Twinings. Tea is a perfect companion when I am blogging while is a morning fix when I am gardening.

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