A Sneak Peek At The Astounding Landscape Of Camarines Norte In Vinzons’ Port Logpond

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  1. They said when art is being planted within you, you’ll surely molding it to become an extraordinary. And just like what you have said, the placed has been photographed many times, but a stunning place deserves a shoot at their own worth. Oh, you guys appear to actually have a great time, and you’d indulge with locals in which I also love to do when I travel.


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      We did indulge…Due to the influx of Calaguas visitors on that day, we waited for almost an hour to get to our boat as Logpond is too narrow to accommodate multiple boats leaving at the same time. We had to busy ourselves with conversing with the people there.

      Art is planted within us, Lai. Yey!

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  2. These are such lovely shots you’ve captured!!! The sky is sooooo beautiful!!!


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      And so calming if you may, J.Gi. Clouds are like the oceans, they radiate a feeling peace and serenity.

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      1. I love clouds 🙂


  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    You certainly have an eye for landscape photography, Sony. From the first time I stumbled across your blog, it was your images that drew me to it, and then to the words which are also oh-so unique. Port Logpond looks like a gem, or rather its water is like one big gemstone gleaming in the light. So much clarity in the second photo and that is such an amazing colour.

    The Port that day overcrowded? From your shots, it really didn’t look like it was overcrowded. It looked so peaceful there. Or maybe you waited for the right time and picked the right spots to capture and show off the beautiful scenery.

    “There are many good photos of Port Logpond on the internet but there’s nothing like mine. ” Really love how you explain how you take each photo of yours. You have every right to be proud of your stunning photography. Each traveler and photographer’s experiences are unique, and because you can narrate almost every single moment (like you do in your food outings especially), the ambience from your photo feels so much more real and easy to grasp and get.

    Landscape photography for me has always been challenging. Street photography is the hardest. Actually, photography in general is challenging for me. I find it much better to capture a place when I go back to it a second, third, fourth or even hundredth time. Whenever I come back from a place I visited for the first time and look at my photos, I always think of how I would much rather have taken the shot differently. Then again, maybe I am just a slow person 😀

    Really like the group shot of all of you. I always am in awe of how you strike such good poses in front of the camera. That thumbs up is spot on, right on time. You are a star behind and also in front of the camera 😀


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Lost for words with your comment, Mabel. I feel so overwhelmed because I’m the one who is looking up to you that way.

      Again, you’re not a slow person. The word just doesn’t apply to your kind.


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