A Minor Excursion to One of Saudi Arabia’s Historical Treasures: Al Masmak Fort and Museum

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Al Masmak certainly looks like one grand fort. It is amazing how well it has been preserved throughout the years, emanating a bright golden yellow colour that is so reminiscent of royalty – and of prosperity among many Asian cultures. Even on the inside in the covered and shady areas it still looks so vibrant. I can just imagine the history buff in you going wild, Sony. Museums are something I like to wander through when I feel educational, or when I want to learn a bit about the past. More often than not, the past makes what is happening in the present today, and this is what makes the future.

    The photo just before the epilogue is indeed eye catching. I don’t know what the iconic place means, but it reminds me of a place that tumbled down but even when it tumbled down it is beautifu and it would be a space that everyone remembers it for a long, long time. Very well framed, just like all the other shots, especially the clock tower.

    Good luck visiting places once again 🙂


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