Chronicles Of A Three-Day Trip To Dubai: “Food Trip at SOY in The Dubai Mall”

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  1. Calum Labrador says:

    Looks like my kind of a restaurant ❤


    1. Thank you very much, Calum! I hope SOY will consider branching out soon.


  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    This sounded like a very welcoming place to eat. The decor and those lantern lights are something, and they are so vivid. Hard to see how anyone can not be attracted to at least look at the restaurant. There is nothing better than a restaurant with a welcoming audience and and more than gracious staff.

    Haha, sometimes I too am too hungry to take photos of food that I have ordered. I just must eat it now because I am so hungry 🙂 Fried rice. Now that may be a typical Chinese dish but I really, really like it. A good fried rice to me is one that is not oily, not salty but one that is well flavoured with fresh ingredients. That kind of fried rice hits the spot for me.

    A short trip is always better than nothing. Very well planned three day trip and sounds like you managed to see quite a few sights and eat good food along the way. Lazy me has a lot to learn from you in terms of travel 🙂


    1. Common, Mabel…Believe when I say someone with your caliber need not to plan. You can sure do it better than me.

      Glad to know you love fried rice too. Know what? I’m actually content with that–alone. Need no viand to pair it with.

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      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        One day if we ever go for a meal today, let’s go to a restaurant famed for fried rice and order just that 😀


      2. Looks and sounds fun and delicious! I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

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  3. Love the decorations!


    1. Ma’am Nina & Sir Jeremiah, thank you for the kind words! Those coming from you always makes someone like me happy.


  4. paradoxical vagabond says:

    I love your writing. I’ve nominated you for an award:


  5. Anil M. says:

    I saw it while I was there, and was considering it, but chose something else. Glad you liked it!


    1. I did. Try it the next time around, Aymar, and let me know.

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      1. Anil M. says:

        I definitely will!


      2. I look forward to reading your review about it, Anil.

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  6. Zania says:

    Loved the decoration.
    Nice way of writing. Keep up the Good work!


  7. vinneve says:

    Beautiful vibrant restaurant, is it in Dubai Mall?


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